This is our friend Maggie aka: Magster, Mags, Monster, Magpie… Maggie has lived the good life. We met her in MT where she was an expert at the “duck and run” game with Luna and Bob. The kind of girl who stirs the pot and then sits back and watches the mayhem innocently. Maggie lucked out with one of the best dog dads ever, and has since added one of the greatest dog moms a dog could wish for. I am sure she is still quietly making noise in her new hometown of Austin TX.

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One Response to Maggie

  1. Carol Martin says:

    Maggie crossed over to be with her friends Bob and Luna on 3/15/10. Perhaps the saddest loss of all, is no longer being seen through such loving eyes. The Heavens are fuller now, she is young and free and watching over us with the same love that we watched over her for her years on earth. She rocked it here and is no doubt rockin' the Heavens!Good night sweet Angel, thanks for the ride 🙂

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