Sammy Time

Back hangin’ with my good friend Sammy. Sammy teaches me so much. He is sad to see his parents leave, but then he slips right into his old routine with Auntie Carol. Definitely teaches me the old lesson of “love the one you’re with.” We are having a blast. I finally sat down to do some work. He came to me after a bit and just sat and stared at me. Have you ever been stared-down by a Chihuahua? So I stopped what I was doing, took his bed and a cushion outside on this beautiful day and sat on the deck to listen to the ocean. He was right! We had been missing SO much. A huge leaf flew by. Then a gecko skittered by and we narrowly escaped being trampled. Sweet swirls of yellow pollen circled around us (followed by little tiny Chihuahua sneezes) and the sun warmed us gently. We could hear the waves rolling in as low tide approached and the gulls crying their hello. The Coast Guard even did a low fly-by to check in and we could hear and feel the “thump-thump-thump” of their rotors beating their greetings.
So if any of you are sitting indoors with a fine animal looking lovingly up at you reading right now…
Go out and see what they know you might be missing. It is too cool out there!!!!


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CEO of airPA. Corporate Flight Attendant, PA on the fly, In-Flight chef.
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One Response to Sammy Time

  1. Jean says:

    Wow, Carol! You're a writer too. I love the name of your blog…so you! Great story about Sammy. I don't have a pet anymore so I think I will take my husband outside (pry him from his computer) and see if we can find signs of spring's arrival here in the Northwest. Of course, I will (just like Sammy) have to stare intently and silently at him for a long period of time before he will emerge from cyberspace and notice me. Maybe I should bark???Jean

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