The Min-Pin Showdown

Meet Buddha (Boo), an Aussie and Roy, a miniature pinscher. The missing pooch in this photo is Chico….a min-pin like Roy, only a bit larger in size and cinnamon in color. There is never a dull moment when sitting for these guys, no way! I had the privilege to witness the infamous “min-pin showdown”, as described to me by “Mom” on many occasions. It went something like this: Roy comes tearing through the doggy door from outside, slides around the corner into the hallway and stops dead in his tracks….for at the other end of the hallway…waits Chico! They lock eyes, and begin the ever-so-slow crawl to the center, and the inevitable dual once they meet! Eyes narrowed, Chico picks up one paw at a time, moving in slo-mo, sets it down. Roy, making the same moves inches closer. But wait….Roy averts his eyes…he’s getting nervous…Chico is winning the stare-down! Who will pounce first?! This process goes on for what seems like an eternity, until at last, Chico jumps Roy, and they devour each other in what sounds like a flesh-tearing, blood-wrenching battle! Only then do I realize that they are devouring each other with kisses!

So I wonder, is this behavior unusual? They were almost stalking each other like I’ve often seen cats do! Is it breed-specific? Size, gender, geograpic location? Maybe we can just blame it on the altitude! Nonetheless, it was yet another entertaining Adventure in Pet Sitting!


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