Pet Field Trips

Today was kind of rainy here on Hilton Head Island which Sammy and I found pretty boring. What are you gonna do???? FIELD TRIP. We loaded up in the car and headed over to Bluffton to one of our favorite pet shops (All Four Paws) and had a great time shopping and trying out all of the squeekers. Sam makes friends wherever he goes, of course, and even paused for a pose with his new friend Roni who is one of the owners of the shop before continuing his evaluation of the best squeeker. The winner? The one that sings.


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2 Responses to Pet Field Trips

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the picture! Sammy could be our mascot!!! Iris

  2. Anonymous says:

    Super cool. I hadn't seen this email until today.Sammy looks like he had such a good time!!Good Boy"sammy's mom"

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