When Pigs (and Pets) Fly… Pets and Jets

It’s all pretty cut and dried when our furry family members travel on a commercial flight in a crate or in a carrier in the cabin. More and more folks are choosing to fly private now not only for their own comfort and convenience, but for the added benefit of being able to bring their best friend on board with them. How many of you have ever gotten a briefing from your crew on bracing positions for your pet in the event of an emergency? Have you ever given it some thought?
Kay and I are both licensed and experienced flight attendants who can shed a little light in this area. Probably your safest bet is to have an appropriately sized carrier stowed in the cabin with you, with blankets and pillows in it for padding and a strap to attach it to a secure fitting in the cabin. Do not stow this in the back of the luggage compartment which is tempting. Trust me, in the event of an emergency, you do not want to have to start rooting around in the storage area for the carrier. Place a lovely linen cloth over it and maybe some fresh flowers and you will never know it is there if it spoils the ambiance too much for you.
Be sure to consult with your crew on the best bracing positions for you and your pets if you should encounter sudden turbulence. Bracing positions will vary depending on the size of your pet and location in the cabin. The goal is to keep your pet from flying around in the cabin and contained in a small area. You may also consider bringing along the harnesses they make for cars to secure your pet to a seat if it gets “ruff” and please put a blanket under your pet as they will want to dig into that wonderful buttery leather with their claws, I can assure you.
Take a few moments to think through these things when you board and you can then relax and enjoy the wonderful service you and your furry friend so richly deserve.
And speaking of service;
No, it is not crazy to ask the crew to cater what your pet prefers and have your pet served. They like to be a part of the experience too! We actually find it kind of fun to serve our furry guests. Just like everything else in life, their gratitude is unconditional and makes us feel good too. Woof!


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CEO of airPA. Corporate Flight Attendant, PA on the fly, In-Flight chef.
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