Canine Cancer Hits Home, Recovery

Hey, Buddy here. Still a little lazy today, and kinda seeing double. Things went really well yesterday. I was very brave, of course… I am Buddy! The doc says she “got it all” which seems to be really important. Be sure to look at some of those articles my Mom referenced because if you catch this m-e-l-a-n-o-m-a thing early they can get the growth and a good margin of tissue around it and make sure that you can keep on keepin’ on. Today Mom is adding a link to this really cool foundation that is doing a lot of research on cancer in dogs; The Morris Animal Foundation. You can learn more about canine cancer there or if you have some extra money after buying squeeky toys and treats you can even send them some and maybe help them find some ways to fight this nasty thing. They do work with cats and horses and wildlife too, but we all know the really important work is with dogs!
So thanks for all of your well wishes, and even cards!!! I feel really loved and love you all right back. I’ll keep you posted on things I learn on how to beat this thing so keep checking back. Time for another nap now.

Morris Animal Foundation

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One Response to Canine Cancer Hits Home, Recovery

  1. Jean Pinski says:

    Carol!So glad Buddy is going to be well again! He's quite a writer. You should hire him out to dull people; he could spice up their Christmas cards, thank you notes and even letters of complaint to greedy credit card companies. Buddy should move to Montana–so many squirrels to chase, woods to explore, lakes to swim…he'd love living here. When are you coming back?Jean

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