Finally… Food!

Hi, Buddy again. Finally, we’re going to share some information with you about a subject near and very dear to me… FOOD! I love food. Any kind of food. Cat food, dog food, human food, you name it. Even if it isn’t technically “food” I love it. Turns out food is very important if you are a dog with cancer or if you are a dog who would prefer to avoid cancer if at all possible. What we eat is very important! The goal is to get back to what we would have eaten more naturally out in the wild like all the ancient Golden Retrievers before us. Turns out they didn’t eat flour and sugar and all of that stuff. They ate meat and greens and fruits and that was about it. There are some wonderful raw diets spelled out on the internet for you (my Mom can point you to a few) and if you don’t feel like cooking there are some great grain free kibbles out there now that are a great way to get started. My Mom feeds me a bowl of this great kibble and chops up some carrots and broccoli and apples in it and I just gobble it up!!! I am a lucky man to be sure. If there is one place you invest in your pet’s health and happiness, the food you feed them is the most important decision you will make! Check out the link below for a good quality grain free food, or search “grain free pet food” for more options.
“Bone” Apetit!

Taste Of The Wild Pet Food


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