Healthy Dog Snacks!!! Who Knew?

While we are on the subject of quality food for our dogs, let’s remember to pay some attention to what we give them for treats too. We all love to spoil our dogs, but too much of a good thing can lead to obesity which shortens their life span and leads to arthritis quicker than anything. Let’s give them a fighting chance on every level and give them good snacks too. Mini-carrots are terrific and apple slices are also pure and natural and they love them. I was looking for something that lasted a little longer and had that chew factor and came across some sweet potato dog chews similar to rawhide while cruising online one rainy Sunday.
Has anyone else tried these wonders? Bam! Love at first bite. We’re talking crack for dogs here. Like any true addict, Mongo must have more. But wait, this time I notice the price… we’re talking crack prices too! What to do? I tried these homemade Sweet Potato Chews and they were great, the dogs liked them just as much, and they were easy to make.

Dog Treat Kitchen Sweet Potato Dog Chew

They actually taste great as a people treat too. Wanna boost the fun-factor at your next gathering? When everyone has had a glass or two, casually dip your hand into the dog treat jar and pull one out and just start munching… Sure way to liven up any get-together! Buddy says: “Bone Apetit!”


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