I’m back on the road the next 3 weeks pet sitting for these 2 hapless mugs, Sophie and Sebastian. I mean, how can you not look at these faces and just crack up?? A lot of people wonder exactly what happens when they leave their babies. The goal is to have their life continue as if nothing has happened with all of their routines in place. Dog’s and cats are very particular about their routines and get pretty stressed when their people leave and their whole routine is changed. Having a pet sitter come in immediately solves the routine problem. Sophie and Sebastian’s parents did a great job briefing me ahead of time on what a typical day is like around here and covered lots of contingencies too. Naturally, Sophie and Sebastian spent the first day trying to give me a whole new briefing… No deal Lucille. Like kids with a sitter they will try to tell you they always stay up until midnight and eat steak off the good china. They are also working with a trainer and I am going to keep that schedule up while their parents are gone so who knows, maybe we’ll get some good training tips?? I’ll let you know. I knew we had bonded when we all fell asleep watching tv the first night. Gently Boxer snoring lulls you to sleep like nothing else! We’ll keep you posted on how it’s going so check back with us.


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