Any of you who have been with us for a while have seen Rusty before. I met Rusty around this time last year when his family went on a trip and needed a pet sitter. They had met me walking another dog on the beach and seen that Rusty and I just hit it off. Rusty had a heart and soul of gold, which only fits as he was a Golden Retriever. He was a great furniture guy. He loved the bed. He loved the couch. There wasn’t much that Rusty didn’t love. He was a huge companion and kept me from getting homesick when I was away from my home by laying his head in my lap when watching tv and snoring so I knew I wasn’t alone. He acted like he didn’t like thunderstorms so he had an excuse to stay very close to me and protect me. He always kept an eye on me in the pool and protected me from other dogs.
Sadly, I won’t have the chance to do any of these things with Rusty again. We lost Rusty last week to Cancer. Rusty was young and healthy and it took him quite quickly. May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Tell a friend about Rusty. Then go to the Morris Animal Foundation website posted below and learn about the amazing work they are doing to end canine cancer in our lifetime. Let’s not lose one more dog to this senseless disease, not one!


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  1. Carol Martin says:

    By the way, if you shop the Amazon Store in the sidebar that is linked to Sit 'n Stay Global, we donate 4% of our profit from any pet products you buy to the Morris Animal Foundation. You are doing something good just by buying the things you need. Cool huh?

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