Pet Safety on Private Jets: Equipment

Quite a bit earlier on I discussed the importance of feeling free to ask your crew to cater specifically for your pet and make the flight fun for your pet. Last time I got down to the importance of a pre-flight briefing to make sure everyone knew what to do to best care for the pet on board in the event of turbulence or an emergency. A few simple preparations make all the difference. A few pieces of safety equipment can make all of the difference too.

All Sit ‘n Stay Global cabin attendants carry pet flotation devices complete with handle on top. We also carry pet oxygen masks in 3 sizes that will accommodate pets using portable oxygen bottles on the aircraft or may be utilized by emergency first responders. These two items can make an immense difference in your pet’s odds in an emergency. We are also certified in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR to handle small health problems that occur until we can reach a vet.

Let’s face it, you make sure all of this is taken into consideration for every passenger you bring on the aircraft, why not for your pet as well? We all know your pet is an equally important member of your family, so let’s treat them that way.

Sit back and relax and enjoy your next trip on a private jet with your best friend in the cabin with you knowing that he or she will be both safe and have fun. When we serve Fido his favorite dish, he’ll never know we ever gave any of this a thought. It will be our secret… right down to the Frosty Paws!

Fido’s Favorite Feast


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