A Return to Sanity For Your Pet’s Halloween!

By now I’m guessing you have read numerous newsletters and blogs warning you about chocolate and sugars and black cats and costumes on your pets for Halloween and it is all great advice.  May I have the ear (or eyes) of a few of you adult pet parents out there who might be having a little Halloween Party this year or planning to take your dog with you Trick- or- Drinking?  Just like you need a designated driver, you need a designated pet handler.  If the party is at your house, your pet really doesn’t want to be the life of the party.  Trust me on this.  Let them hang out in another part of the house watching animal planet or old DVDs of Lassie.  Let’s face it, Lady Gaga is scary and hard enough to explain to a human much less to your dog.  Then as the party rages on, those adult fingers get thicker and number and some of those nice orange jello shots end up on the coffee table at perfect dog-surfing level and the M&Ms get dropped on the floor here and there and you have a recipe for one sick puppy.    Problem is the pup goes off to a remote part of the house when he isn’t feeling so hot and by the time you find him or her it is too late…  So take a few minutes and have a plan ahead of time if you have a party and have pets.  Think of it like having kids in the house.  Plan to have them entertained elsewhere during the party and plan to clean up anything that may be hazardous to them immediately after the party and don’t leave it until morning so they can’t get into it.  Then relax and have a great time and make a fool of yourself until the cows come home, or Lady Gaga!

But Mom, they look SO GOOOOOD!


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