Paws to Reflect









‘Tis the season to take a moment and think about what really matters.  Whether you lean towards Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or the great earth it is good to paws for a moment and take stock.  Nothing can help you do this better than to try to see the world through a pet’s eyes.

I was fortunate to Pet Sit for these two Springer Spaniels last weekend, Oliver and Bentley.   Bentley, on the left, is a youngster and does all of the wonderful playful things that puppies do.  He reminded me of the joy of the season through a child’s eyes; how everything is new and fun and a fallen ornament from the tree can indeed be the best toy ever.

Oliver, on the right, is a wise old gentleman.  Oliver is blind and moves slowly and quietly through the house.  He bumps gently into things and corrects his course accordingly.  I learned to plan my movements as well, since I noticed that all he really wanted was to be near someone and feel secure.  If we all settled in one room he was fine, but if there was a lot of moving around he felt compelled to move around too and that could be frustrating for him.  So as we settled in on the couch together and he gave that deep contented sigh that only a truly happy dog can give I smiled.  I was watching TV and all of the shopping commercials and realized that Oliver was not dreaming of ipads or new cars…  Oliver was truly content and happy because he was with someone who he knew cared about him and he was safe and secure and could relax and be himself.

Isn’t that the gift we would all love this season?  Priceless!


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