It’s Christmas Eve and I am just finishing up another stay with Oliver and Bentley.  Oliver, the senior statesman in the house was very grateful for his Christmas presents and found them to be yet another source of comfort once they started to develop the right smell.  Bentley, the beloved youth in the house gave the squeekers a good workout and then did what most toddlers will do tonight and tomorrow…  opt for something you never really thought they would consider a “present.”


And so, once again, I learn some of life’s real lessons from dogs.  Mostly from the wise one who comes to us in a form that is no longer strong and magnificent.  Oliver is blind and does not hear well, so a lot of colorful bouncy presents don’t really mean much to him.  You can’t even simply call out to him from wherever you are and phone it in with “I’m right here for you big guy.”  You have to care enough to stop what you are doing and softly touch him so he knows you are there and he can stop “looking” for you.  You are found and he is safe.  Oliver doesn’t really care about “presents,” all he wants is “presence.”  It is the best gift you can give to those you love.  Merry, Happy Peace to all and to all a good night.




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