Alarming Pet Sitting Gig


There is a certain bond of trust necessary between a pet sitter and client for the relationship to work.  Let’s face it, the pet sitter is moving into the client’s home and living with and caring for their family member(s) in their absence.  It is only natural for the client to want to do their due diligence in securing the very best and trustworthy of pet sitters…

Now I don’t want to give anyone out there ideas, but I had a client come up with a pretty creative idea to detect whether or not I was actually staying over night with their two cats.  There I was enjoying a peaceful slumber as a “sitter sandwich” all snug between the 2 aforementioned kitties when at the stroke of midnight, an alarm starts going off somewhere in the house.  Being in a strange house, it scared me to death of course and I hunted it down just as it stopped and gladly returned to what was to be an uninterrupted remainder of the night’s sleep.

The next day I examined the clock and found no external alarm dials and did not want to disturb the clients on their trip, so buried the offending clock under some pillows in the living room far from my room.  Once again, at midnight the sitter sandwich was disrupted by the alarm ringing loudly just outside my bedroom at midnight.  Ok, this cannot continue this way so I call the clients the next day to ask about the strange midnight alarm situation.  Mrs. Client is totally baffled by this but decides it must be the weather station going off when the temperature drops below a certain point.  Sure enough the weather station is right outside of my room so I thank her and vow to get the instructions out and reset the temp.

While going through all of the settings on the weather station I discover that the alarm function has been specifically set to midnight!  Well now, that is one way to discern if the sitter is actually staying all night with your cats…  If she doesn’t ever call you about the alarm, she must not be staying in your house right??  Dude, couldn’t you just do what most folks do and have your neighbors notice how often my car is there?

Fortunately I was loving hanging with those cats and I do what I promise so had nothing to hide, but wow…  that was kind of creepy.  Next time I’ll discuss ways to select a good pet sitter and what you should look for.  It is a big decision and honesty and integrity are so important in addition to their ability to spoil your furry ones rotten!!


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One Response to Alarming Pet Sitting Gig

  1. Vanessa says:

    Firstly, stop typing in all capitals. It’s very hard to read. I was just curious what you had to say that’s the only reason I continued to read. Otherwise, eye-sore ouch! Plus ALL CAPS IS THE INTERNET EQUIVALENT OF YELLING!

    Secondly, it all depends on how long the sitter was staying in the home. I personally would’ve “put up with it” if it was for two nights. I would’ve said something if I was going to be there for three nights or longer. I’ve been a professional for a few years now and put up with being awoken at midnight or whatever time by lots of different things… so my tolerance level is probably a little higher than yours.

    I personally wouldn’t have said something (as I said) if it was for two nights.. yet for three or more nights I probably would’ve asked about it.

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