Winter Sitting

It has been a fun 6 days with Sammy, which was a little more challenging than usual considering the weather we had here on Hilton Head Island.  You see Sam lives on the beach and we usually spend a lot of our time walking the beach or hanging on our chairs watching the other dogs go by.  This week no deal, Lucille.  It was cold and windy and when you are only a few inches off the ground that sand blows right up in your eyes which makes the beach no fun at all.  No problemo, Senor Skamper…  Auntie knows how important it is to have a backup plan and so should every good pet parent and sitter this time of year.  Pets are just like kids and they get bored and restless if they can’t go out and play and do their usual things so be sure to make life interesting indoors!

We played the obvious games of throwing the tennis ball and fetching and rolling around with it and tug-of-war with some of our stuffed toys.  That was fun for sure.  Chihuahuas are smart, though, and auntie had to get up pretty early to think up some new things for this one.  She took a tip from her pal Surf Dog Ricochet and played “launch the carrot” which combines chase with getting to eat what you hunt down.  Now THAT’S fun!  That game is a keeper!!  We wound it all down with doggie yoga and then a nice easy walk to the mailbox and the icky days were full and complete.

So don’t forget the furry ones next time the weather is bad outside.  It’s tempting to just get lost at your computer and turn the TV on for them…  but launch the carrot is a lot more fun for both of you 🙂


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