Hi, Buddy here again.  I just finished one of my two favorite times of the day…  meal time!  Breakfast was a veritable feast prepared by my Dad.  Let me tell you about it.  I had a half a cup of grain free Wild Salmon and Sweet Potato kibble, topped with grain free premium Wild Salmon and Duck wet dog food, sprinkled with a few spoonfuls of julienned carrots, summer squash and zucchini (heard some muttering about the cost of that don’t ya know) and green beans.  Moistened ever so slightly with organic chicken broth and warm water and topped with a gourmet cheese ball.  Today’s cheese ball was sharp white Wisconsin Cheddar.  At first glance you might have thought it was Jack or Mozzarella, but the first bite confirmed sharp Wisconsin Cheddar and it had a nice bite to it.

As you can see, I am a hearty eater and cleaned my plate nicely.  It is as shiny as new except for, wait… what is that?  Yup, the evil blue pill they “hid” in the cheese ball.  Am I the dog or what?  BOL!  I can find that pill in anything!!   Word to the wise, if you handle it this way you always get a second cheese ball or maybe even a peanut butter ball.  It’s totally worth all of the “eye rolling” from your humans.  BMAO!



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CEO of airPA. Corporate Flight Attendant, PA on the fly, In-Flight chef.
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