Das Fritz

Would you just look at this innocent face?  This is a face that could do nothing but sit on your lap and purrrr and maybe, just maybe lick your fingers once in a while right?  Well….  meet Fritz.  Fritz IS an absolute love but he is also just a kitten still and has a lot of energy to go along with that charm.  That charming gaze is just the pause before the storm.  He is standing right in front of the stairs that became my challenge during the two-plus weeks we spent together while his parents visited the South Pacific.  Not once did I make it up those stairs before Fritz.  I could leave him sound asleep in the den and tip toe ever so quietly in my bare feet up those stairs and half way up, this black streak would go flying by.  Whooooooooosh!  Same thing going down.  Morning, evening, anytime…  did not matter.  He would come from anywhere and race me.  I am sorry to admit I completed my stay without one win in my column.

And can we talk cat wake-up calls here for a minute?  Everyone coos about how easy it is to stay with cats.  Ever try to sleep through a cat alarm?  First there is the gentle stretching and bathing as if “oh, are you awake??”  I’m a veteran at ignoring that, have 2 cats of my own.  Fritz would then slither up ever so delicately and place just one paw directly on my face.  I have to admit I burst out laughing more than once, and once you do that you have lost all control of the class folks.

The best times, though, and we had a lot of these…  were sitting curled up together.  Cats can really make you slow down and settle in.  I like that.  You kinda get your breathing in sync and a warm cup of tea and just enjoy the view.  Ahhhhhhhhh, das good!


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  1. Though generally wonderful companions, cats are no good for productivity

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