Orange Dog Flies Again!

I have got to take a few minutes here to draw your attention to one wonderful organization that is out there making a huge difference in pets‘ lives, one pet at a time.  You see, so often the task looks so monumental that we tend to just throw up our hands and think there is too much to be done, so nothing can be done.  Fortunately, Jan Folk didn’t look at it that way.  Jan realized she had some pretty amazing resources available to her and she was just going to use what she had to make whatever difference she could.  Now she’s making a difference 60 dogs at a time, times 60 families at a time… well you do the math.

In under 2 weeks, on February 11, Jan will be flying 60 small pups from Southern California where they were living a doubtful life in a shelter to a no-kill shelter in Edmonton, Canada on a private jet to give them a new chance at life.  It seems there aren’t that many small dogs up in Edmonton and folks are willing to wait for them from the shelters rather than buy from a puppy mill.  Last time Jan made this trip, everyone was adopted in under 2 weeks!  Wowza!!

What if everyone just looked around and saw something that grabbed their heart and saw a way to change it and acted?  How amazingly different would our world be??  Ok, so maybe you can’t back the Gulfstream out of the hanger and do this yourself, but you want to help…  You can!  Jan has an awesome store on her website and sells truly primo stuff you won’t find everywhere.  I know for one that the Hurley dog bone cannot be destroyed even by a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  That’s tellin’ you something!  This isn’t the cheap stuff you find at Target, but all of the proceeds go to finance these Freedom Flights, and if that doesn’t make you feel good I don’t know what will.

So I’m just sayin’, I had to share this amazing thing being done out there and hopefully it will inspire some of us to at least look in our own back yards and see how we can help.  If that sounds too hard, buy a bone from Jan and help her.  One way or another we start getting dogs out of shelters and keeping them from being euthanized and show what our humanity is really about.  Woof and 4 paws up!!

Visit Orange Dog at:




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