LIVING LARGE with cancer

Hey folks, Buddy here.  Some of you know me and some of you are new here so I just thought I’d introduce myself.  About a year ago this month I got really sick with an ear infection that crossed the membrane into my brain and I almost died.  The folks at the doc’s office worked really hard to save me and pulled me through and I was lucky.  I may have had a hard time fighting the ear infection because it turned out I had M-e-l-a-n-o-m-a and my immune system was pretty shot.  My smart doc noticed my thyroid was way off too and got me started on meds that fixed that right up.

The battle began and we removed 3 growths before my parents and the doc decided that enough was enough with the surgery already, it was time to give me a break and see what happened.  I was pretty pooped.

Turns out, though that the doc had another trick up her sleeve and started me on a low dose of Prednisone that is a treatment combined with my thyroid meds that really boosted my immune system and gave me a new lease on life.  I stopped growing masses and lesions and had great energy and a wild summer full of swimming and fun and felt like a puppy again!

I’ve left my great remission, but here’s the deal.  I’m a dog.  I don’t know know I’m not in remission and I’m not even sure what cancer is.  That’ s my whole point here, I’m Buddy and I just love being a dog.  I love my people and I love every day.  I don’t worry about what I did yesterday or what I’ll do tomorrow.  I don’t worry about if there’s a new lump here or crusty thing there.  I live in a house filled with love with a family that makes sure I am comfortable and I eat great things.  I LOVE to eat!

My Mom is pretty active in supporting the cause to find a cure for this canine cancer thing.  Her big champion is the Morris Animal Foundation .    She even has a Facebook page for me, Buddy!  It’s a cool place where I can tell about how my life is going and folks can share info and stuff about how they are fighting the battle with their dogs.  I have made some great friends there!  I guess I just want to remind everyone that we just have every day, maybe we should all take it a little more like a dog.  Just be yourself, enjoy what you’re doing, don’t worry about what comes next and go ahead and get silly!

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