Beach Cruisin’

You know, when I come hang out with Sam for a few weeks I have to be prepared to keep him entertained.  Really, as a pet sitter you need to always consider that.  Pets like to be stimulated and they are missing their family so just as you would have lots of activities planned for kids that you stay with you should do the same for pets.  Sam makes it easy because he is really smart and he lives on the beach so there’s lots to do.  Today we went for a bike ride on the beach which is one of his favorites.  Sure it is tempting to just go out and get exercise on my own in the morning, but I can assure you it is a ton more fun with this little guy along.  You should see the smiles on all the faces as we ride by and his head pokes out of his basket with his ears straight up!  He does not miss a thing, and I have to tell you all of the shore birds are lucky he can’t fly…

We get out and walked around once in a while just to stretch our legs and we saw some dolphins this morning which looked huge to both of us.  Met a few other dogs along the way.  Sam feels it is important to inform all other dogs that he is a big dog too and most of them readily believe him.



Finally we headed home just in time before one of those beachy showers blew in.  No worries, we had an indoor activity planned.  Sam loves to Skype my dog Buddy and tell him what he’s been doing.  Thank goodness it’s free; used to cost me a fortune when they were texting.  My career really has gone to the dogs, ya know…


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One Response to Beach Cruisin’

  1. LoriO says:

    Sam is a lucky little guy. Reminds me of my little Pinto Bean. But in a cream coat.

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