Summer Travel

Hey everybody, Buddy here with some tips on traveling as summer travel season approaches.  Now, I know my Mom works on those private jets with those lucky dogs who travel that way, but then there’s the rest of us (myself included) who use other modes of transportation.  I’m too big to ride in the cabin on a commercial jet, so I always ride in the car with my furless parents and we have a great time.

FURst things FURst.  I always wear a pet seat belt.  No, it does not cramp my style in the least!  My Mom did a lot of research and likes the Roadie Ruff Rider which has the least moving parts, fits very comfortably and even I, the Houdini of Dogs, can’t wiggle out of it.  It has a nice tether so I can sit up or lie down and can look out either back window.  What I can’t do is fly through the car like a projectile in an accident hurting myself or any of the other passengers, or get thrown from the car.  I also cannot assist as a driver, or gear shift technician (which I excel at) should I choose to do so.  It does allow me to stick my nose out the window at the drive-thru window and give them my order.  Extra cheese please, BOL!

Another good thing when out in the car is a good water supply, but who needs the mess??  Mom has this cool donut shaped one in the back of my condo (she calls it an SUV, don’t ask me why) that won’t let the water spill but I can still drink it.  Here’s a link to go see it and buy one if you want one too:

So those are the first two things to think of when you hit the road this summer.  Buckle up so you get there safe and remember to take some water with you.  More tips to come, so stay tuned and happy travels ::


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CEO of airPA. Corporate Flight Attendant, PA on the fly, In-Flight chef.
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