Summer Gear

Hi!  Buddy here.  Got some good feedback on my facebook page last time that you liked hearing from me more than that boring stuff my Mom writes, so she’s letting me try my hand at it again.  Let’s face it, everything is more interesting from a dog’s eye view.  And a dog’s nose view too!

So I’m coming to realize that when it comes to summer, it’s all about the gear.  I mean how DID we canines ever survive for all of those eons on our own out in the wilderness?  As you may know, we have recently moved to Bend, OR to enjoy the great outdoors.  I am loving it and the outdoors is truly great here.  What I did not realize is how much help humans need to enjoy the outdoors and how much help they think we dogs need too.  So brace yourself, while a tent used to be just dandy for camping…  oh nooooooooooooo.  Mama wants something that has a little heat for those cold mountain nights and maybe something that is easier on her back and maybe, well, just looka this:

Now I’m not complaining about the queen size with the memory foam or nothing, but once I get settled on it, I don’t know where she’s gonna sleep and how that’s gonna really help her back if she’s curled up on the floor on her old therma-rest…  but hey, I’m the dog.

Another piece of gear that goes on all of our outings which is really a good idea because you have to remember that us dogs get thirsty, is my new collapsible bowl.  It is really cool.  It smooshes flat and just hangs on my leash out of the way.  Then when we need it, Mom or Dad takes it off, pops it open (as shown) and fills with some of their water they are toting along.  Voila!!!  I can slurp all I want (I’m a big slurper) and don’t have to try to navigate any of those dainty little fancy contraptions she’s tried before.  This one gets the 4 paw award from me!  She likes it because it is easy to carry and out of the way, just hangs on the leash.  Win, Win!!








So there ya go.  These are just 2 more ways to make it easier to go out and enjoy the outdoors this Memorial Day weekend as we kick off summer…  Me?  I’m just a dog, but I’m glad you furless ones think of us.  While you’re thinkin’, be sure to take a moment and remember all of those brave souls who this weekend is all about.  The ones who keep this country so free that we can worry about things like portable water bowls and comfy campers.  Semper Dog!!!

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2 Responses to Summer Gear

  1. Boondocks says:

    Buddy, where did you find that bowl? It is so cool!!


    • Hey Boondocks, sorry it took me so long to reply… I didn’t get an e-notice of this. I found this at a website called
      you can see it attached to Buddy’s leash in his latest facebook album about camping. Works great!

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