Camp Dog

Hi, Buddy here again.  This week my peeps told me we were going to go camping.  I really had no idea what that meant, but it was with my peeps so I was all in.  It started out with a car ride which is always good.  I love the car and we had a nice ride with the windows down and my fur blowin’ in the breeze.  I helped navigate as usual…

And we got there easy as pie and got all settled in with no problemo what-so-ever.  So first thing I notice is this thing we’ve been hauling behind the car is actually gonna be our “tent!”  Well now that’s cool.  It has heat and A/C, screens on the windows to keep bugs off of me, a table and kitchen with frig for all my food (even a freezer for my frosty paws) and a queen size bed!  Mom really decked out that bed, I’m here to tell ya too.  She has a bad back so she put one of those “memory foam” mattress toppers on it, covered that with 800 count cotton sheets (I can’t count to 800 so that doesn’t really impress me), 2 king size down pillows, 2 regular size pillows and a down comforter that is about a mile thick with a cushy cotton duvet cover.  What the heck is a duvet cover if you put it on a comforter????  Ok well, here’s my point…  I can’t see how all of that is gonna make her back one bit more comfortable if she is still sleeping on the floor on her ol’ stinky therma-rest pad and sleeping bag while I’m up on the bed BOLBOLBOL!!!!!!!!!

My first rude awakening about camping was that it is code for humans putting really big funny shoes on their feet and walking for hours up and down hills and dragging dog with them.  What?  Are we there yet???  The good thing is, you are outdoors the whole time so you can dookie wherever you want and whenever you want.  Cool beans man.  We were on a lake too so I could just go in and swim any time.  That was pretty cool too!  Ok it was all better than I was thinking it was gonna be.  Not sure why they bought that big house thing if we were gonna spend all of our time outdoors, but hey man, I’m just along being the dog.







We had yappy hour, just like at home which was great and I even got some pretzels!  Had a great dinner by a camp fire which kept us nice and warm and cozy and these amazing things called marshmallows.  YUM!  I have to admit, I was out like a log, all that fresh air and exercise just did me in.  I just barely made it inside the door of the camper and admit I slept right there by the door and kept us all safe.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.



I highly recommend this camping thing to everyone.  Lots of outdoor time with the peeps and not a lot of worldly distractions.  They behave more like dogs for a change, more natural like.  They seem to relax and like it and I like it that way too.  Maybe they should live like that all the time???




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One Response to Camp Dog

  1. LoriO says:

    How great to see you all out enjoying yourselves. Buddy looks like he had alot of fun.

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