GII Review: A Dog’s View

A Fresh View Of The Ride on A GII


Since more pets began traveling on private jets, Sit ‘n Stay Global, LLC, the leading pet air travel safety consultants, wanted to get a canine perspective on how that ride measures up.  Our SpokesDog, Surf Dog Ricochet, was more than happy to help us out with that assignment.  Ricochet has agreed to help put a face on our campaign to promote standardized pet safety protocols on private jets.


For those of you unfamiliar with Surf Dog Ricochet, she was originally trained to be a Service Dog but had a little too much interest in chasing squirrels and such.  She could also surf really well, so her Mom decided to focus on that strength instead and now Ricochet lives a life helping people focus on what they CAN do as a SURFice dog.  She raises money for worthy causes and promotes kindness, charity, philanthropy and social responsibility.  Stop by and see her story at: and be sure to join her on Facebook!

It just made sense to her when she rode on a Gulfstream 200, that she should share her take on it with her fellow pawsengers who might be considering this kind of ride.



A Ride on Air FURce One

By Surf Dog Ricochet for Sit ‘n Stay Global, LLC



OK, so can I just paws for a moment here and say “Oh yeah baby!”   This is the way a girl of my stature was meant to fly.  There were just a few steps up into this nice vehicle, no jumping required.  The carpeting was thick and soft and looked to be almost a butter cream Persian.  I could stand and walk freely, no crouching which was nice of course.  There was an attendant on board who appeared to be there simply for my comfort which is always a nice touch.  I wonder why nobody has thought of that for the back seat of the car?  You know sometimes I would like the air vent adjusted in the car or a sip of water… but I digress.


My own personal seat was thick and well cushioned and the leather was a rich, soft, buttery piece of heaven.  My attendant made it even more luxurious by putting a soft blanket on it for me and propping pillows around me.  These were supposed to be part of keeping me safe, but I gotta tell you I was in dog heaven.  My Ruff Rider harness slid right onto the aircraft seat belt like they were made for each other and I was as secure as ever.  It was really cool; the attendant took a few minutes to teach my Mom different bracing positions for us in case there was turbulence or an accident and we even practiced, which was fun at first but then got pretty boring.  She even had a special pet oxygen mask on board for me in case we lost our usual air supply when cruising around way up high.  I tell ya, I could relax and enjoy the cushy seat because she thought of everything!  I got up and walked around a bit too, which is something you like to do on a long ride that you can’t do in a car.  I found that to be a big advantage!  I discovered a small kitchen where you could counter surf if nobody was looking, a definite plus over a car.  Then on my way back to my seat I discovered a couch!!  The fancy airplane people call it a “divan” but it was just like my couch at home and it was sweet!  You could really stretch out on it, but it wasn’t quite as worn or quite as squishy as my sofa.  It is the only thing I think they might want to work on over there at Gulfstream.  You could sprawl there and watch the nice flat screen TV without straining at all.  We even got Animal Planet…  BOL!

Did I mention how easy it is to eat while in one of these vehicles?  They have beautiful burled wood tables that make it simple to enjoy a nice meal served by the aforementioned personal attendant.  It is so much more civilized than rooting old Snausages out of the cracks in the back seat… seriously!



FURst Class Service





As we left I noticed the GII has two drivers.  Maybe one was just learning??  Anyway, they were nice and they did a good job and one gave me a cookie so that was just icing on a perfect day.  This was a beautiful way to travel and if you can talk your people into this mode of transportation you should definitely go for it!!  I hear that, just like cars, they make many models.  I hope to try them all soon.  A girl could get used to this, BOL!


G200 As Tested:


Long Range Cruise:                                Mach 0.75

Range at Long Range Cruise:                 3,400 nm

Basic Operating Weight:                         19,500 lbs

Engine Type:                                           PWC PW306A

Thrust Rating:                                          6,040 lbs

Typical Passenger Payload:                    4 passengers

Cabin Length:                                          24 ft 5 in

Cabin Height:                                           6 ft 3 in

Cabin Width:                                            7 ft 2 in

Wingspan:                                                58 ft 1 in

New Base Price:                                      $ 21.5 M


 Ricochet’s Likes:

  • Sleek and Luxurious from every angle
  • Soft, Cushy and furbulously comfortable
  • Can stand up and walk around
  • Counter Surfing and Couch
  • Smooth, quiet ride with quiet soothing hum in background


Ricochet’s Less Likes (what’s to dislike?):

  • Couch could be sloppier and squishier
  • Can’t open windows and stick head out
  • Can’t see out front window when driving


Overall rating:  4 Paws UP!!!!!!!


 Ricochet’s “personal attendant” was provided by Sit ‘n Stay Global, LLC.  Sit ‘n Stay Global provides pet sitters who will spoil your pet in your home or wherever you may roam as flight attendants and pet nannies.  We are all licensed commercial and corporate flight attendants and have developed standardized Pet Safety Protocols for pets flying on private jets.  Learn more about us at our website:  or cruise with us on Facebook and keep up with us there!

Each of our crew members travels with a pet seat restraint, a pet flotation device and a Pet Oxygen Mask and is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.  We are also available to train flight crews in Pet Safety on private jets.

Pet Safety is important however you travel, so give it some thought no matter how you and your pet get around.  BOL, buckle up and enjoy the ride!!








About airPA

CEO of airPA. Corporate Flight Attendant, PA on the fly, In-Flight chef.
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2 Responses to GII Review: A Dog’s View

  1. Tod Towne says:

    Hello Carol,
    I just read your informative article “Fur Flies”.
    One consideration I would add: an allergic reaction to pets needs to be considered.
    Dog dander will make me itch. Cat dander will make my eyes and windpipe swell shut.
    For airplane operators, this needs to be placed on the trip acceptance checklist, i.e.:
    >  inquire if a pet is to be included on the trip;
        if yes:
       > type and size of animal;
       > any destination pet regulations/restrictions;
       > required pet restraints or other safety products;
       > required pet waste requirements;
       > pet food requirements;
       > any crew or passenger allergies or aversions to this type of pet.
    It is probably just a natural reaction to my allergic reaction, but the pendulum has
    swung from ‘no consideration for traveling animals’ to now-a-days, where every animal
    is considered a ‘service’ animal. But I digress.
    Obviously, the time to make inquires and alternative arrangements is before the pet
    arrives at the airplane.
    Kind regards,
    G550 Captain

    • Great suggestion, I hope operators make note of this when booking. I always make it a point to ask clients’ guests about allergies. It is an important aspect to consider with pets on board that you just don’t have with only humans.

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