Upside Down Pool


Hey everybody, Buddy here and Happy 4th of July!!!  Happy Summer and just Happy Day!!  Hope you all have been out there grillin’ and chillin’ and enjoying what I consider to be the primo time of the year.  It’s getting a little warm out there and that’s something that can kind of wear on us dogs with our fur coats and all.  You know, we don’t sweat either, except for from our tongues and our paws a bit.  It’s important to keep an eye out for us and consider what it might feel like to be walking around with your coat on in this weather and factor in some “cool time” for us if you don’t mind…

Mom and Dad were a little perplexed when we moved because while we used to have a pool and an ocean, now we don’t so they had to get creative.  We were out walkin’ in our neighborhood and Mom saw this cool “fountain” (I don’t know what the heck a fountain is…) and her mind started clicking along.  She’s pretty good at seeing the world from a dog’s eye view.  She saw what I saw.  Not a fountain, but an Upside Down Pool!!!!!  So off we went, Mom and Dad and Me to the upside down pool (with my tennis balls of course) for a little fun and frolic.  What a hoo-ha!!!







So don’t worry if you don’t think you have all the perfect stuff for your dog, or you don’t have time to drive to the dog park for a swim and play every day.  Look at the world like your dog does and make something up!  It’s fun, and you might find something fun inside you too…

While we’re thinking like dogs here on the 4th of July, let’s remember that dogs don’t usually find loud noises and flashing things (fireworks) amusing.  Please leave us at home with a fan going and the TV on and curtains drawn so we have a neutral surrounding.  Make sure the doors are secure so we can’t run out in a panic if you leave us to go see those crazy wild things for some reason that remains unknown to us K9s…  If you take us to a party, remember we only eat one Brat (cannot BELIEVE I’m sayin’ THAT) and we don’t drink beer even of we are over 21 in dog years.  Bring us lots of water, though, because we do get thirsty.

So have fun out there, and look for all the fun things your dog sees to play in.  Play with your dog and enjoy the ride!!


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2 Responses to Upside Down Pool

  1. Nina says:

    COOL!! This is PAWESOME Buddy, thanks for the great advice!!! Looks like soooo much fun. SPLOOOSHHH! 😀

  2. Buddy,
    We wuf the pics of you, dawg!! Living life to the fullest and “being the dog”, dawg!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

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