Feeling Bloated??

Hey everyone,  Buddy here and wow has it been a busy summer or what?  I mean we started right in with the camping, and that’s still rolling right along.  Got the upside down pool rockin’ it, even a few kids have started joining me which is kind of funny.  I’ve got a BIG challenge going with my facebook friends to see who’s gonna chip in more money than me (ok, this is not a competition my Mom says, no wagering please) per mile on my FURiend Emma Zen’s bike tour to Sturgis.  Oh you missed that?  WELL.  Emma Zen the biker dog raises funds for pet oxygen masks on fire trucks and she’s on this epic ride to Sturgis in her sidecar with her furless parents to raise awareness AND moola.  You can follow the whole sordid affair on facebook and check out her site:  http://www.emmazen.com/  She’s pretty cool!

Mom met her because Mom always carries pet oxygen masks when she works those flights on private jets that she works on and any of the Sit ‘n Stay flight attendants do.  Mom really kinda over thinks these things I think, but just go with her.   I hate it when she leaves me, but what she’s doing up there is important.  She’s been flying like, forever (don’t tell her I said that… she hates that) and didn’t feel that the safety standards for pets flying in the cabin were up to par.  She also noticed she had more and more clients on private jets bringing their pet family members on board, so she re-wrote the book for pets so they would have all the same safety considerations that people have when they travel.  She brings a pet oxygen mask (for decompression or fire), pet flotation device and pet seat restraint.  She uses special cleaning products that we can’t lick up and make us sick.  She makes fancy meals for the pets.  She even stays on at the destination as the pet nanny a lot of the time and leaves me at home!!!!!!  I think that’s pushing it.  She goes out hiking and to the beach and out to lunch and shopping with OTHER PETS!!!!  Then, she tells me it’s WORK.  What do I look like?  A cat?

                                                                         Ricochet, in FURst class!

But I gotta tell ya, my Mom loves me and when she is home she spoils me rotten.  One of our favorite things to do is go to the beach, and it was playing in the water and gulping a bunch of water and air too fast once that gave me a wicked condition called in layman’s terms: BLOAT.  This is big, so listen up.  It comes on pretty quietly and us dogs don’t really like to make a big deal out of it so you have to be observant.  I’m gonna post a link to the most comprehensive description of this I have ever read (YES, I read) and urge you to read it.  This was posted by one of my fave magazines:  The American Dog Magazine , who always has our back and posts some pretty meaningful stuff, on their Facebook page yesterday.  Their advice about having Mylanta in the house is spot-on.  My Mom is also certified in Pet First Aid and CPR, and she always carries it with her on the plane.  She says this is the one condition she would ask a pilot to land the plane for if a pet developed these symptoms.  It is akin to a human having a heart attack in flight, you must get to a trauma center NOW.  I was lucky, Mom realized what was happening early and got me to the doc quick.  I got away with just getting a tube stuck down my throat and, well, let’s just say I didn’t really feel lucky but I’m a lucky dawg I know!

So here’s the link, please read and then have a fun and safe summer out there.  As always, enjoy the ride!!




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