Saving your Pet from FIRE!

Hey there everyone… Buddy here.  I have been havin’ me a summer I tell ya, but I guess you’ve been following that.  Now it’s Fall and things are coolin’ off but there is still a very HOT topic out there.  October is National Fire Safety Month, and I want to help you learn a few ways to help your pets stay safe too.  I’ve mentioned this before, but my Mom’s company,     Sit ‘n Stay Global provides flight attendants for private jets and specializes in flying with OTHER PETS.  Ok, I’m learning to deal with that part, but the cool thing is that she takes their safety really seriously.  She even trains other flight crews how to be just as safe when a pet is on board.  Recently she got this dog from the UPS guy (who always brings me treats) named CasPeR.  CasPeR is a fake dog (there’s some fancy name for it like mannequin or something, but if you ask me she’s fake… she’s got no FUR) that you can practice CPR on.  You can see her chest rise and feel chest compressions and even find the femoral pulse.  First of all, I’m glad Mom has stopped demonstrating on me (BOL!) and secondly, if you refer to the picture…  I’m just saying if you pumped air into my hind quarters you could detect my pulse all over my body.  But I digress…

Mom also carries pet oxygen masks on her flights with pets, because they really are a superior way to get oxygen into a pet suffering from smoke inhalation or in a decompression.  Our girl CasPeR is modeling one in the picture quite nicely.  It just seemed natural for Mom to support folks trying to get these masks into the hands of our fire departments on the ground who respond to house fires, and she throws her support behind the pawsome efforts of her amazing friend: Miss Emma Zen.  The Emma Zen Foundation works to make sure pets on the ground are protected like Mom sees to pets in the air.  She’s a good lookin’ dog too, if I might say…  But recently we read an article that can help you prepare right in your own home in case the unthinkable ever strikes your home and you have pets inside. You see, what most folks don’t realize is that your pets will run and hide or go to their “safe” place when something wild happens like a fire breaks out.  Their first instinct is not to run to the door.  They do not have opposable thumbs (those that could even reach the knob) to open the door anyway.  They go hide somewhere that they think is safe.  Scary huh?  Take a few minutes and actually click on this link and read the recommendations this firefighter has for how to train your trainable pets to come to you in an emergency:

Pet Talk:  Prepare yourselves and your pets for a fire disaster  by: Jocques Von Lunen for The Oregonian

He also has great ideas for how you can best help pets like cats who usually don’t come on command, but do have a favorite safe place (which, btw, should NOT be my bed or couch…).

Really, read up and add it to your safety plan.  It’s stuff ya just never think of, but once you think of it, it just makes sense and is not hard to do.  Ranger Buddy here… over and out!


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