Tag… You’re IT!

Yo everypawdy!  Buddy here and I’m back pretty quick this time because this is so related to my last post.  You would think my Mom had nothing better to do than sit around and read dog magazines and surf the net looking for the perfect stuff for ME.  Well, if she didn’t eat bon-bons there would be more time for that, but I digress…  OK, so she keeps reading about all of these cool hi-tech pet tags and has been intrigued but for one reason or another she rules each one out.  Now this is a woman who LOVES tech.  She has a desktop computer, an iPod, an iPhone, an iPad, and if they come out with an iLitterbox… well lookout cats!  None of the techy tags floated her boat until this one:  The Pet Hub Smartlink Tag.

And here’s what one looks like:

So why does Mom like these so much?  Here’s a few reasons…

The one on the right can be worn as a flat collar that won’t get caught on anything and maybe disappear.  Especially good on a cat who you usually don’t attach a leash to.    Either way, the tags have both a QR and URL code on them.  The QR code is that funny looking square design you’re seeing pop up everywhere that you can just scan with a smartphone and unlock all the information about your pet.  There is also a traditional URL web address for Pethub.com that folks can type in on their phone or computer and get all of your info you want them to have.

What’s nice about this?  Well, first of all it doesn’t cost a leg and a paw like some other technology.  You can get a tag for $12.95 and then you sign up and activate it for free.  Mongo likes free!  You set up a profile for your pet online at their site which is where folks will be directed if they find your Furbaby out wandering.  You can include info in there about their vet and medications and conditions too!  Cool thing is, if you move?  No need for a new tag, just go in and change your profile and ta-daaaaaa!  Instantly up to date!

So that’s our latest find in keeping your loved ones safe and secure.  It’ll look cool hanging from the new Ruff Wear collar anyway right??  Party on everyone, be safe out there with Halloween…  stay away from the candy and the adult beverages and as always Be the DOG!










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