When the Riding gets Ruff

Ruff Rider Buddy here, out Riding the Range.  Ok, well maybe just riding around Bend mostly in the back of my nicely appointed VW SUV or Subaru, but you get the idea.  You folks may or may not know that my Mom’s business is to fly around on private jets with people who fly with their pets and treat them like royalty.  Now that IS her business and I try not to judge that, but really, OTHER pets???  But I digress…  She not only spoils them but is a fanatic about their safety and she carries a pet oxygen mask, pet flotation device and Roadie Ruff Rider pet seat harness on every flight.  She did a lot of research to find the right harness that was tested to DOT human standards and would be the most likely to withstand an aircraft accident.  I’m telling you all of this because as the Budster, and the one who always has your back, I think that might mean it would be a good one for you to use in your car too.  Yes, your CAR!






Now I like a good walk-about in the car as much as the next guy and who hasn’t taken a certain joy in that look of terror on their human’s face when you nudge that gear shift from drive into “N” on the freeway???  Apparently “N” means NOOOOOOOOO because that’s what they always scream.  It isn’t so much fun when they have to swerve around something and you go crashing into the window or they brake suddenly and your head gets rammed into the front seat.  Our noses are sensitive you know!  It only gets worse in an accident when that sweet 90 pounds of fur in the back seat becomes a projectile and hits someone else in the car who is otherwise safely secured as it sails by on its way to the windshield.  Perhaps your pet survives the impact and escapes the car and is running around in traffic in a panic and gets lost or hit by a car?  It’s a lot to think about isn’t it?

As you can see, the fun isn’t all over just because you are securely tethered to the seat belt system of the car.  I can sit up or lie down and yes, I can even stick my head out the window which is one of my most preferred positions when driving.  My Mom wants me to wear my Doggles when I do that so I don’t get debris in my eyes, or so she says, I think it’s just so I look cool, which I do.  Truth be told, you put this harness on and forget about it, you don’t even know it’s there.  Just slip the seat belt through the loop in the back and off you go.  You can leave it on and get out and walk around and use it as a short leash or attach your leash to it and then hop back in the car and go again, safe as can be.    I like this brand the best because it is simple to use, not a lot of moving parts, tested to human standards and doesn’t twist all around me and bunch up (that’s a technical analysis from ol’ Bud) when I move around.  I’ll give you a link below to find them real easy on their website, or you can find them on Amazon or lots of places.  The important thing is to give this some thought and start buckling up so you can keep Being the Dog and enjoy the ride!!!

Click on the logo below to go right to their website, or visit them on Facebook too!  And no, I’m not getting any free kibble out of this, just trying to pass along good info about something I think is a good product…  There ya go!

           Ruff Rider


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