Christmas Presence II

Hey folks, Buddy here!  Some of you might remember a few months ago, my furbulous FURiend Caju the Warrior dog sent me a new toy “just cuz” and it got to me just in time for me to take with me to the hospital for some surgerizing.  He didn’t know it would arrive just in time, but it did and I took that bunny dabbit (yes, that IS the correct pronunciation, look it up!) with me to the surgery and carry it around with me more than any other toy.  I love that toy, which is saying a lot because I have a LOT of toys.

Sometimes it gets stuffed down towards the bottom of my toy box and I have to go a digging for it.  Mom doesn’t seem too pleased about that, but what’s a dog to do?  When ya gotta have it, ya gotta have it!  Comfort is comfort.

Last summer I told you about a new furiend I made in the neighborhood at the upside down pool, his name is Sysco and if you don’t remember him here’s that post:  He’s just the coolest dude and we have become good friends indeed.  I found out Sysco was going to have his 16th barkday recently and I was just ecstatic!  What a huge milestone!!  We just had to celebrate.  Mom took me out shopping and I was pretty confused because those stores are BIG!  The gift had to be just perfectly special for this special friend.

What could be special enough for my special friend?  Every time I see him he has a true sparkle in his eye and he hops over to me and leans against me.  Sysco doesn’t really walk much any more, but he is a great hopper and when he leans on you he almost purrs, his joy is so tangible.  I wanted to give him something that gave him that joy when I wasn’t around…  What could it be????  Then I saw it!  I saw the very toy my dear friend Caju had given me.  THAT’S IT!  I knew how much comfort it had given me and how much I loved mine.  Mom said ok, and we carefully took our precious find to the desk in the front where I got a cookie and she gave them some plastic and off we went.  I don’t know exactly when the exchange took place, but I got this great picture today:

My heart just warmed when I learned that Sysco had named his new friend “Buddy” and leans on him just like he leans on me.  He gets it!!!!!  I am so thrilled!  That has so filled me with joy this Christmas season, that I guess I want to leave you with this thought…  Nobody needs all of the toys I have in that big basket above.  They need someone to be present enough to notice what we really need.  Usually it is just someone warm and caring, and maybe a cuddle or two.  Maybe it is something warm to cuddle when your humans have to work or do busy stuff.  Sysco is lucky, he has the most “present” Mom in the world.  I wish for all of my furiends that kind of presence this season! Thank you for your wisdom and friendship Sysco…  Dog bless you every one ::


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