Keeping doG in Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve everypawdy, Buddy here sending you the very warmest and furriest of wishes on this most wonderful of days.  I’ve been pretty excited because folks have sent me cards and toys and treats… YAY Buddy!  This seems to be a real holiday I can get behind!  I was sitting in bed with Mom this morning and she asked me if I knew what Christmas Eve was all about.  I confess, as a dog I really hadn’t thought about it much past the extra bully stick I might get.  She told me it might be a good time to paws and think about it, and so we did.  There’s more to it than toys and Santa!  Who knew??


She said the story goes that this amazing lady had enough faith to have this baby even though she wasn’t married, which was like unheard of in those times.  On top of it, her fiancée didn’t even leave her which was also unheard of and took a lot of courage and faith.  She explained it’s like when a family goes to rescue a pup they don’t really know from the shelter, maybe one that is misshapen or a bully breed or scrawny, but sees in their eyes that they are “the one” and goes on faith and brings them home.  Oh, ok… I get it.  That is amazing now that she puts it that way.

On top of it, just as this woman was about to give birth she was told she had to travel.  How inconvenient!  Not what she planned at all, but that is a good example to all of us how life rarely goes “how we planned” and so we should learn on this day to just follow in faith more often.  When she got where she was supposed to be, there were no rooms left because there was a big convention in town or something.  They didn’t have Expedia back then or the internet, so they couldn’t make reservations.  This humble couple did not create a scene and scream and shout “do you know who we are and who we are carrying here?” but gratefully took whatever shelter the innkeeper could offer.  Would being unkind to the innkeeper have changed anything?  Would it have helped what we are all to learn?  They kept their eye on the prize and went back to their quarters.

It was no mistake.  This is where the child who was to be called “Emmanuel” or “God with us” was to be born.  Look closely Mom told me.  God chose to bring His presence to earth among the purest beings he had here on earth already… the animals.  And so it was, among the animals and in the peace of the night under the stars of those who had gone before and were yet to come, was born the child who would show us what God is like.

This child grew and lived an extraordinary life, doing many good things.  He lived a life of purpose, Mom told me, and left us with an eternal example of how to live our life.  She also explained that much like our beloved dogs, he left the earth far too early after a short life.  She told me we can draw joy and hope from that too, because His light was so bright and taught us so much and continues to shine… that is possible in all of our short lives.  He showed how short life can be but how truly special it can be, and reminds us to appreciate every day and not waste one of them.  Not waste one chance to do something good while we’re here.  He showed us how once a heart is truly touched, that love can never be taken away.


So tonight Mom and I are going to look up in the sky and admire the new and beautiful stars of our friends that have crossed over this year and shine on us this Christmas Eve.  I know now that it’s ok because they each lived an amazing life and they are still with us.  I know this because God cared enough to send one named Emmanuel, “God with us” to show us how the whole thing plays out.  Then we will sing and celebrate the glorious friends we have here with us and the new ones to come.

Then you know what she said????  She whispered in my ear the coolest thing!  She said, so Buddy, you know what God spelled backwards is???   Oh my doG!  Peace to all and to all a good night friends ::


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2 Responses to Keeping doG in Christmas

  1. Rhonda says:

    OMD! Buddy you have touched my heart like no other! You are so blessed to have your special Mom! Her special message has my eyes just leaking everywhere!
    What an eloquent item to read. So touching….and meaningful on this Christmas Day for me to read!
    And let your Mom know Star our friend continues to recover from her surgery! Woof
    Happy New Year too Buddy & Mom!!! xoxo

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