Keep ‘er Moving!

Hey guys, Happy New Year!!  It’s a beautiful sunny day here in central Oregon and my mind is turning to the summer when I get to go in the river again.  Man oh man, I just can’t wait for that!!  I’m pretty lucky, I have furiends all over the world and one of my bestest is a dude named Caju the Warrior Dog because he has overcome a lot of health stuff like I have.  He’s been my furiend longer than just about anypawdy.  Anyway, Caju lives in South America where it is summer already… how cool is that??  He went swimming over this holiday at the fazenda (farm) like he loves to do but had a bit of a hard time since he is still recovering from ACL surgery.  Gave his Mom quite a scare too.  I realized I had not shared one of my favorite “how to make life easier” tricks with you all so pull up a dog bed or a couch cushion and listen up here…

Now you may or may not know that I live right by one of the greatest fly-fishing rivers ever: the Deschutes River, right here in Bend, Oregon.  It moves kinda fast in some places though, so I have this great life jacket that I wear even though I know how to swim like a pro.  What folks don’t always think about is that even in calm water, as we dogs age or have hip and leg issues, our swimming may not be as strong as it once was.  We may also have a harder time exiting the water.  The tough thing is, our mind is still thinking like a puppy (that’s what “being the dog” is all about!!) so we WANT to go in.  How about helping us continue to have fun and getting us a life jacket to wear, even in a pool, so we can keep going??  It helps keep our body at a naturally buoyant attitude and we can relax and paddle around like the old days.  We look kinda cool doing it too!  Like those famous dock-jumping dogs or something!!










But here’s the cool thing Mom and Dad figured out when my fur-Mom, Shiloh, was aging and her hips were really giving out.  She was having a hard time going up and down the stairs and she was pretty bummed because she was a proud dog and wanted to do things herself.  Dad would carry her, but she did not like that.  Then one day, they put the life jacket on Shiloh and just pulled up on the handle on top enough so Shiloh could “walk” up the stairs on her own but not have hardly any weight on her hips.  It was pretty easy on Dad’s back too.  The life jacket supported  Shiloh’s entire body so it was comfortable rather than cutting into her in one or two places.  Problem solved!!  I think Shiloh liked her new “fashion wear” too if ya ask me…










Of course my Mom being my Mom researched these to death.  She has a brand she uses on the plane when flying with Sit ‘n Stay Global in case they have to ditch in the ocean.  She needs an industrial strength one that will withstand what the ocean dishes out and what a dog asks it to do so she did her homework and selected the Ruff Wear Float Coat.  You just cannot go wrong with it and it will last you through dog after dog and swim after swim and all those trips up and down the stairs.  So stay active with your dog this year and let them age with dignity and fun and “be the dog” as long as they can.  Hey, it’s what we’re all about!

One for every size FURiend!!



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