Be the Dog (na na na)

Hey everypawdy… Buddy here after a little break in the action.  It’s been too long, I’ve missed you guys.  A few good furiends have mentioned lately that I’ve been kinda quiet and ya know what?  I have been, I’ve been so busy I didn’t even notice!  Mom’s been on the road a lot and it sounds like we have a big move coming up and that requires a lot of what humans call “planning” and we have been concerned about a lot of our furiends getting cancer and leaving us too soon and whew!  Wait just a minute here… What is “Being the Dog” all about anyway???

I know I have a lot of new furiends here since we talked about “being the dog” in the first place, and it’s always nice to stop and smell the hydrant once in a while and refresh no?  Back when I first got diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago my Mom was, of course, devastated.  Over the next few days she noticed something and took it to heart.  I had not changed one bit.  I was still me, BUDDY!  I didn’t know what cancer was.  I had no idea I might have fewer tomorrows.  I really could give a rat’s pattootie about tomorrow on any given day anyway.  I want to eat great and forbidden food today and I want you to throw the tennis ball now.  It’s pretty simple, don’t try to overthink this for us.


You see, there are two times in a dog’s timeline:  NOW and NOT NOW.  Don’t tell me we are going for a walk and will play YAY BUDDY soon…  that is NOT NOW.  That is not in my reality.  When they stick a needle into one of my masses and it hurts; boy howdy that is NOW.  When we go through the drive-through at Sonic on the way home and get an ice cream cone, that is my new NOW and the  needle is NOT NOW and out of my reality.  Gone, poof, adios, good-bye.  I am 100% focused on that ice cream.  Then I happily stick my head out the window and enjoy all the new sniffs in the air the rest of the way home.  I have moved on, that’s “being the dog!”

I live each day to the max.  That’s “being the dog” too.  Grab for all the gusto while you can and if ya see some gusto coming your way don’t let it pass and think you’ll grab the next batch… Go for it!  It’s important for you humans to join us in this freedom to “be” and let go of your fears for the future.  The future will come and find us no matter what, so let’s grab today ok?  If you act all scared and worried all the time around me I’ll start to think something is wrong with me.  I get all of my cues from you.  I don’t think that kind of stuff up on my own because I only have NOW or NOT NOW.  So let’s go to the park, camping, swimming (I LOVE swimming), throw the ball, or just hang together for some undivided attention and adoration.   You can modify things as our abilities change, but don’t change the fun.  I used to chase tennis balls a long way.  Now my humans sit and throw it a short distance and I bring it back to them and they cheer “YAY BUDDY” every time.  I celebrate by doing the “roll of joy” flat on my back and getting belly rubs.  There isn’t as much running as there used to be but just as much fun!



At the end of the day I have my final “Frosty Paws” treat and collapse, tired and spent.  Another good Buddy day.  I really suggest you try “being the dog” a bit, it is not species specific.  It’s like in the movie Caddyshack when Chevy Chase says “be the ball, na na na” and if you just let go of trying to control the whole thing and loosen up it all comes together and you find yourself enjoying the now.  Deal with the tough days as they come along, but then leave them there and make the very most of all the other days and share that sense of pure joy with your pet that they so richly deserve and they give to you every day.  Dare to be silly, maybe sing, maybe dance… dare to go out there and just “Be the DoG!”


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4 Responses to Be the Dog (na na na)

  1. Rhonda says:

    Buddy, can ur Mom be my Mom too? She rocks!!!!! I luv what she says! She really really made me think! And when she used the part from Caddyshack……Wowsers!!!
    Stay the Dog Buddy. There is no place like home! Luv from Florida!

  2. You haven’t had a real swim until you roll in the dirt afterwards. BOL!

  3. Buddy, you and mom just make me happy… NOW! 🙂

  4. trevor, mary ellen says:

    OH BUDDY!!!
    i finally came over and read your info page. i knew i needed to do that. its a good thing to do much more often. you have been rubbin off on me! im learning to deal with this nasty C stuff and just be da dawg..well not as good as you but im working on it THANKS to you!! great words of wisdom there. and you mommy is exactly right. my mommy thought abotu that one time, that me, the dog, didnt know any different. so we just spend time cuddling and all that adoration stuff and i love that also! but YOU buddy have made a difference and i thought you should know. my next treatment isnt til wha cha wanna do today
    trevor and his mommy!

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