Letting it all go

Hey there, so I’m back already… did ya miss me?  Seems I already have something else to bark about so here I am.  If you remember yesterday I shared with you how there are really only 2 times that a dog recognizes: NOW and NOT NOW.  This is a very important lesson and it bears re-visiting because it is a hard one for humans to grasp it seems.  Remember, I am not concerned about last week’s visit to the vet nor am I worried about the one tomorrow… neither of those are NOW.  They are safely in the NOT NOW part of my brain.  NOW I would like a treat or for you to throw the ball.  Got it?  Ok.

Last summer I included a post about having a great time playing in the “upside down pool” with my new friend Sysko.  Now some humans might have thought it wasn’t that great on a lot of levels.  First of all, when I first got adopted we lived in a home with a real pool in the back yard that I could full-on dive into and I loved it.  Then we moved to the beach and I could swim in the ocean just about every day and I loved that, so you might think that running around under what you humans call a fountain is no comparison but you know what?  The pool and the beach are NOT NOW so they aren’t real for me and the fountain (upside down pool) is NOW and it was spectacular fun because it was all about ME having fun!!  Get it??  Other folks might have thought Sysko wasn’t having much fun… he was over 15 years old and just stood there.  Then he followed me over under the water and he wagged his tail and barked!  He hadn’t done that in years.  His NOW was the best!  He was totally being the dog.  Sure in some of his past days he had run and gone real swimming, but that was NOT NOW, and this… this was NOW and we were celebrating Sysko in the water again!!  It was glorious.  And so our friendship began.

Last week Sysko came over for dinner with his Mom as he does sometimes.  We both just generally lie around and wait for food to drop into our mouths when this happens and enjoy the NOW of warm human conversation.  On this occasion though, Sysco shared some very important wisdom with me.  He told me his time was almost over here on earth.  You know, we dogs can talk about these things because we understand that we have a purpose here and then we move on to something so pure and grand that it defies description.  Anyway, Sysko came very close to my ear so as not to alarm the humans and reminded me to remember that there is a third time in every dog’s time frame.  There is NOW, NOT NOW…  and then… FOREVER.  He reminded me that even though we would not see each other much any more on this side, once 2 souls had touched like this we were joined FOREVER and that could not and would not change.

Today Sysko crossed over to the other side, and I will not touch his fur again… but his wisdom, kindness and soul will walk with me FOREVER.  FOREVER completely transcends NOW or NOT NOW, so I am at peace.  See you on the other side my friend, and thanks for all the beauty you left behind that is NOW part of our FOREVER ::


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8 Responses to Letting it all go

  1. John Fenlaw says:

    Rest in Peace Sysko….

  2. oh, Buddy…..that is beautiful :*) RIP sweet Sysko, RIP…… xoxo

  3. trevor, mary ellen says:

    wow sysko..may you rest in paradise!
    and buddy….your words made my eyes start leaking.
    please please help me stay in the now ok!
    love you buddy! love you!
    trevor and mommy

  4. elmosmom says:

    I was one of the many who knew and loved Sysko. Thank you for this wonderful tribute to a dog that took piece of my heart with him when he left this life.

    • He took a large piece of mine as well… He touched me somewhere deep inside my soul the first time I met him. He was an inspiration to us all and will not be forgotten. He is a special guy I was honored to know!!

  5. Janice Pemberton says:

    Sysko was my Granddog and I thank you for being there with him and his Mom at the end. It meant alot to her and to Sysko. And Buddy, thanks for being Sysko’s friend, you and your Mom are very special!

  6. Joyce Shull says:

    How very nice. Thank you for sharing.

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