Feeling Pretty Lucky… Forever

ImageHey everypawdy, Bud here.  Well now, THAT was quite a week last week wasn’t it?  Let’s see…  I started the week in the snow in Oregon, drove in the car with my Mom pulling the camper with 2 cats in it for over 900 miles to our new home in California where it is warm and sunny.  Found a POOL in my new back yard, found a large tumor on my liver. Wait WHAT?  Oh yeah, ended the week in rare form there.  Ya know I always like to share the journey with you all so we all learn what the road is like so here’s the deal…

Mom made an appointment at an amazing Pets only specialty hospital just 30 miles from our new home with an Oncologist, whatever that means.  I’m usually ONfoodologist in nature, but whatever floats your boat right?  So off we go.  Like we have talked about before, it is good to be assertive when making your pet’s appointments with the dogtor, especially when they go a lot like me, to minimize trauma.  Mom knew I would likely need a CT scan since I had had a nosebleed and we would be checking for nasal cancer and she knew you had to schedule your time in that big machine, so she asked for an appointment when the CT scan could be done immediately after the consultation.  I love my Mom for that.  We met with the nice dogtor, but then it seems the wires were crossed and it would be a 5 hour wait for the CT scan.  Mom voted no.  You know you can do that!  It is easy to get caught up in the moment at the dogtor office, but you always have to remember us… the DOG, and just keep our welfare #1.

It seems I had a kinda irregular heartbeat too, so they wanted to check my blood pressure.  Since they could do that right then, Mom said OK.  Heck if my blood pressure wasn’t uber high.  WTW? (what the woof?) Now everypawdy started scratching their heads like a dog with fleas and changing direction like a dog spinning before he lays down.  Before I knew what was going on, we were all back in “the room” having one of those “quiet talks” about what could be causing the blood pressure to be so high.  Seems too that the high blood pressure also probably caused the nosebleed, so we decided to do a sonogram of my beautiful, if not plentiful, belly.

Off to the back with me again and they shaved my belly!  How WUDE!!!!!  Then they rolled this thing all over it and went “hmmmmmm” a lot.  Then the dogtor went and spoke with my Mom.  Seems they found a mass on my liver that was over 10 cm large.  Mom had to decide between aspirating it with a big ol’ needle or sedating me and getting a more definitive biopsy.  Mom knew I was pretty sick and did not want to subject me to even a little surgery but agreed to the needle aspirate which showed it was most likely cancer.

I have been feeling pretty cruddy… not really even interested in food.  Mom and Dad want me to only have happy “Buddy” days.  “Yay Days” if you will.  That’s our deal.  I got some meds that made me feel a bit better though and did what I think we should all do when given a little more time on this earth.  I decided to play and enjoy and make a few more friends.  Those icky tests and that bad news?  That was last week at the dogtor’s office.  That’s NOT NOW.  Playing in my pool with new friends in the sunshine?  THAT is NOW!  Pupcakes?  NOW!  And the love I feel all around me as friends gather to support me and my family?  You guessed it, I’ll carry that feeling with me FOREVER!  I’m a lucky dawg ::


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6 Responses to Feeling Pretty Lucky… Forever

  1. I love you…… <3….NOW (& forever……). :*)

  2. Caju's mom says:

    Love you, Buddy…you stick around as long as you can cause you teach us all a great deal about just living each day for all it is worth. When you have to, you let go…but don’t you dare go quietly into the night…you JUMP into that pool every day, okay? Hugs to your mom and dad.

  3. Jake & Gordy's Mom says:

    We are the Lucky ones Buddy…you have ALWAYS been right there…pup cake in paw…for all of the pack! We love you.
    Hugs and love to Mom & Dad.

  4. Msrsha says:

    I love you and your families upbeat attitude!!!!

  5. Rhonda says:

    So well said! Hang in there everyone! We are ALL in this together! ❤❤❤ 👍

  6. Inde Pendence 's Mom says:

    Thanks so much for just being Buddy. You are THE dog.
    Strength and love to your Mom and Dad.

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