Food, Glorious Food!

Hey, Buddy here…  I think it is pretty common knowledge that I LOVE food.  If you can eat it, I LOVE it!  Heck, that’s even one of my famous tag lines ya know?  Just fill in the blank:  _______?  I LOVE _________!   It goes like this:  Steak?  I LOVE Steak!  Eggs?  I LOVE eggs!  Well, any of you who know me have heard me say that about many a food because I don’t just eat to live, I pretty much live to eat.  That’s why it is important for my Mom to get my feeding down to as simple of a routine as possible (AND affordable) and she has hit the big time there!

A few weeks ago she learned about a new website called Mr and she thought she’d give it a whirl.  BowWOWza was she in for a treat (and ME too!) as she found all the food there that I eat and even the stupid cats!  You see, I have cancer and am on a pretty specific diet.  When ya have cancer, it’s a good idea not to eat a lot of carbs and sugars so Mom is pretty picky about what I eat.  Right there on the site she found the Taste of the Wild and Natures Balance brands that she likes to get fur me.  She also found the urinary tract food fur the cats that they need.  There’s even treats that I can eat like Bully Sticks!!!  Man, do I like those, I’m guessin’ the bulls aren’t big fans, but I digress.

So Mom places an order and just about flips when she sees that if she spends more than $49 shipping is FREE!  I don’t know about your house, but I go through more than that in a month easy.  She’s doin’ the math in her head, she’s smart that way, and thinkin’ WOW, with the price of gas these days this is SWEET!  So she places her order and just a few days later, Jennifer, the nice Fed Ex lady brings a big ol’ box of Buddy food right to the front door!!!!  Is this a great country or WHAT?  Ok, there was cat food in there too, but let’s just focus on the important things here, there was BUDDY FOOD in there!  MOMMMMMMMMMMM!  It’s fur ME!

How can this get any better you might wonder?  Well then she realizes that she can set up an automatic shipping schedule and fuggedaboutit!  BUDDY’S food will just magically come to the door (ok, and the cats’) when she needs it.  She can even change the brands or add treats (YAY treats!) but never subtract treats.  I don’t think they have a subtract treats button, oh no…

So check it out and have one less thing to worry about in your life.  I put the link above with the name so you can just zoom right over.  This will free some time up fur you to play with your dog.  Don’t furget to play YAY puppy every day!  It’s the way to “be the dog!!”



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