Waging War

Hey folks, Buddy here!  You know basically I’m a lover, not a fighter… but I’m fighting fur my life here and I’m bringing you all along fur the ride so you know what it kinda goes like so you’ll have an idea of the things that can happen in case you ever get thrown off this cliff.  You see, while I’m a very special dog, I’m not all that unique in that this happens to a LOT of dogs (and stupid cats BOL) so it is better to know what we are doing.  Nobody will have the same journey either.  My journey is not at all the same as that of my bridge bro Bob who had Hemangiosarcoma, but how you handle the beast can be the same so here we go on today’s visit ok?

Dad and Me wait fur the Dogtor

Yesterday wasn’t such a great day fur me.  I was laying around a lot in the morning and not even right next to Mom like usual but a little off on my own.  I couldn’t really deploy the troops (you know… drop the bomb, move the furniture???) and I was pretty uncomfortable.  Then Mom noticed my left eye was drooping and I could barely hold it open, I also stumbled a bit when going out.  My left eye had some red in it.  Mom called the dogtor and they said we could come in.  Then I started perking up, deployed the troops and had some more meds (blood pressure etc.) and was acting more like myself so we decided to wait fur today’s visit.  The dogtor confirmed today that it may have been a little stroke from my high blood pressure that still is not under control.  I was a very brave soldier getting my blood pressure taken I must say:

Blood Pressure Time

Then the surgeon came in and discussed odds and stuff and he felt like it was worth a try to get the liver (liver?  I LOVE liver!) mass out because if they got it all I could have a pretty good chance.  He said if they opened me up and saw the situation was not so good they could just close me up.  They can’t do anything until my blood pressure comes down though since the liver is an organ that so much blood flows through.  Don’t want me to bleed a bunch during surgery.  I’m with them all the way on THAT don’t ya know.

Tibetan Head Massage

Mom explained to the surgical tech that she would want to stay over night with me, that Buddy stays nowhere over night without his Mom.  Ya see, when I was 4, the only family I knew just dropped me off at the shelter and drove away.  Mom does not want me to wake up from surgerizing and think she dropped me off and drove away.  She wants me to know she is still there in my life.  The tech said that was not usually their policy and Mom just sat and looked at her as if “that was not a question…”  Then the tech went back to ask the dogtor and he agreed that I could stay.  He’s the same one that Mom explained that we don’t wait 5 hours for a CT scan to, so I think he knew it was best to just go along.  Mom explained that she was not going to freak out when she saw pets bleeding or get in the way and she would respect their space, but she also would not leave her dog alone.  It IS possible to politely assert yourself for the best interest of your furbaby.

So they are trying too to see if my kidneys will ease up on losing protein.  Took some more blood to see if it might have been a nasty ol’ tick in my past that left an unwelcome calling card.  The kidneys are still working, though, which is a good sign.  Mom pulled out the plastic and ponied up fur enough pills to constitute another meal per day.  Dad stopped on the way home to get hot dogs to stuff them in (hot dogs?  I LOVE hot dogs!) and, wait fur it…  ICE CREAM!!!!!

Ice Cream, still shot

Ice Cream, Action Shot!Since there had been some blood-letting and butt-poking (How WUDE!) and general Tom-Foolery, we decided that a mid-day swim was in order when we got home just to make sure all of that was safely in the NOT NOW and only happy things were in our NOW.  There, I think that did it!


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5 Responses to Waging War

  1. Katie waterman says:

    YAY Buddy. I wanted to let you know I am here with you daily. ❤ ya big guy.

  2. Valerie says:

    Pulling for you Buddy. Glad your mommy stood with you.

  3. Sharon says:

    We’re praying for you all! Knowing your mom, did you really expect any different? Good thing the Dogter understood “the look”.

  4. trevor, mary ellen says:

    oh buddy! you HAVE to know that me and TREVOR are praying for you and pulling for you. we both know its a hard road to hold…but what else are we gonna do? i took pictures of trevor’s experiences and found that people appreciated them. i am glad you are doing that too.trevor and i are both so very grateful to you. YOU turned my attitude around! YOU kept the comedy coming so i could see the good stuff too! none of us liked the ruff, hard stuff. AND…i got to where we went for treats after that other NOW time….which became the NOT NOW time…so that ice cream/treats time became the NOW time. YOU turned things around here for us. i love you extra for that. trevor and i are both praying deeply for you. Sending you all the hugs, love, prayers and gentle head bumps possible. you are always in our heart, thoughts and prayers. we love you dear one!
    m.e. and trevor God n dog bless!

  5. Lisa Beltz says:

    Way to “Be The Mom” Mom!!!! HOT DOGS?!?! ICE CREAM?!?! SWIM?!?! Now that’s Being the Dog! Yay Buddy! I love you and pray for you and your family every day!

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