Know When to Fold ‘Em

Hey everypawdy, Bud here!  I don’t know if you have seen my summer so far on Facebook (Buddy’s Be the Dog Life) but I have been having a GRAND time.  I mean large.  Fur me?  Life has kinda been a pawty nonstop since getting to Southern Cal.  It all started when my new friends Surf Dog Ricochet and her sissy Rina (oh yeah, and their Mom) came over.  BowWOWza did we have fun!  It was a pool pawty and food fest and all.

You’d never know unless you’ve read some of my posts lately that I had just gotten some big news that my cancer had finally spread in a big way.  You see, that’s the thing about being the dog.  My life didn’t change from one day to the next just because we took the fancy pictures and saw that mass on my liver.  Life did seem to change a little fur Mom and Dad, though.  They took me to lots of appointments (followed by lots of ice cream, I LOVE ice cream) and talked on the phone a lot.  Well, I went back to the dogtor this week and looked at a few more things (OK, the really nice dogtor looked and I just hung out) and then everypawdy talked a bit and seems like I am free at last!

You see, my blood pressure is no longer off the charts but it is still in the high range making surgerizing kinda risky.  My kidneys aren’t working completely perfectly (but boy my bladder sure is!) and I have a few melanomas on my mouth that would require removing a bit of my fabulous lip and there’s somethin’ hinky on my back that is suspicious.  So ok, here’s the deal Mom and Dad and me had.  I would be the dog and love them endlessly and without reserve or judgement and they would give me the very best life humanly possible.  We have battled cancers as they popped up in the last 2 years because they were easily removed and my life returned to its fabulous quality quickly.  This one… this one would not only be a risky surgery but I do seem to have a bit of spread elsewhere.  This softball on my liver isn’t the first to pop up, it is part of a systemic escalation. For other dogs, it might be easily removed and they go on and have good years.  I have a bit of cancer floating around and the other health issues.  Time has come to realize NOW that the NOT NOW is out there and use that as an incentive to enjoy NOW rather than spend a large part of my remaining time recovering from surgery and NOT swimming.  Mom and Dad have decided that they can best honor our deal by spending the money they would have spent on surgery on heating the pool so I can enjoy every day NOW that I feel good.  They are going to let me “be the dog!”

I don’t really know what all of this means except that I don’t have to go back to the dogtor for months and my life has turned into an almost epic constant pawty.  I can live with that!  I LOVE pawties!  I am showered with love daily and am meeting everyone on my bucket list as fast as I can. Man, are there some great pawtiers here in SoCal!  Like Miss Emma Zen… she is such a sweetie!  Her Mom is pretty cool too!!

Or how about going out to brunch at the Lazy Dog Cafe here in Temecula with 4 other dogs, 3 kids and some adults?  Huh? PAWTY!  I got to meet Rizzo Tenderheart, Marley and Piffer, and Mickey Linden.  Rudy Rudalicious the San Diego Ambassador of Love even hovered from the bridge.  Then like that wasn’t enough… yup we came back for more fun in the pool!








I’ve been to a food truck fest where the whole truck was about… wait for it… BACON!

So you know what, this is actually kinda working fur me.  Every now and then Mom looks a little wistful, not sure why, but then she snaps back and heck if we don’t do something else that is fun!  Dogs know when their life starts to wind down, and we don’t fear it.  Not at all.  It is all part of the circle and how many get to actually accelerate while winding down?  It just makes things clearer fur us.  Don’t miss a thing.  Have the very best time right NOW today.  You know what?  Life is a one way trip fur all of us so all of us should live like we are nearin’ the end if it makes us focus this much on doing the very BEST things!  So folks come on along with me on the rest of this crazy journey and as always, Enjoy The Ride!


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13 Responses to Know When to Fold ‘Em

  1. Katie Waterman says:

    I will be here every step of the way ❤

  2. Carol Drysdale says:

    So beautiful Buddy…I’m smiling, but the tears are hovering on the eyelids.

  3. Angela Doyle says:

    So sweet good Buddy and I agree 100% with your mom and dad to keep you happy, I have a 11 years old Irish Setter that weighed around 120 a year ago he was deemed to death December 2012 with end stage kidney failure he vets gave him two weeks at the most and the same with the second opinon its almost May and he is still going he gets a all natural diet of chicken rice and carrots that his mom aka me cooks everyday he is so happy and we do all we can to keep him that way! Love ya Buddy I check your post everyday and relay them Kiltie’s dad and they make him smile!

  4. Puddin', BT Explorer Extraordinaire says:

    I wish I wuz cumin’ to explore in CA, so I cud meetz you too.

  5. Luck E. Huggins says:

    Hey Bud, I gots that libber cancer too and surgery showed it had goed too far to remove safely. BUT that was ober a YEAR ago!!!! I dont know if you buhmember me from Facebook but I telled you about the little chemo pill I takes everyday and how my oncologist added Milk Thistle for my libber and mama added Fennel Seed for my tummy and Fish Oil for fat….we read dat cancer HATES fat! Anywhoo, you got it right dood….lib life to da fullest and keep bein a pawsome example to da rest of us and our peepuls;) Lucky

  6. Mia and Marti says:

    You’re my Hero!!!!!

  7. Buddy, did someone ever hit you in the stomach SO hard, it made all the breath just leave you for a know, like you could hear it go? That’s what just happened to me when I saw the title of your blog entry. Needless to say, I am almost back to normal after reading your post & looking at the fabulous photos. Gosh, I’m SO glad Mom & Dad made the move..just look at all the lovely memories you are making with them. It’s a good thing y’all sat down with the dogtor to sort it all out. Decisions are to move on to all the grand adventures you will be having with new friends. Please let the Momster know, I am walking in her shadow as she takes this journey with you. Even though y’all will never see me there, I hope you will be able to ‘feel’ me some days. I am thrilled & honored to be along for the ride..thanks so much for that.

  8. Linda says:

    Buddy you are something else – your mom and dad are incredible too. I just lost my Sofie 8 days ago to a brain tumor. We decided to take the same route your mom and dad has chosen and there are no regrets. Sofie was happy and had fun until she didn’t. Love you big guy and your folks ROCK!

  9. Me, too, Buddy. Love you! xx

  10. Kay Magruder says:

    Love you SO much Buddy!!

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