There’ll Be Time Enough For Countin’….

Hey everypawdy, Bud here.  Thanks for helping me celebrate my 6th anniversary of being adopted into my FURever home yesterday!  We had a pretty darn good day of it yeah?  I was overwhelmed by how many folks stopped by to share the love, since that’s what it’s all about.  It has been a busy week, so it was good to chillax and focus on the NOW with good friends doing what I love.  When things get goofy, always come back to NOW, remember that…

So Monday I went to the dogtor which I never really care for, but he’s really nice and I get ice cream so it’s pretty much a wash.  See, my nose started bleeding again on Friday.  Yup, right there in the pool no less!  Then again on Saturday and Sunday and Monday… So off we went to see if my blood pressure was all whacky again.  But no.  Now it is still in the high range, even with all the meds I’m on, which in and of itself suggests there’s somethin’ pressin’ on my big ol’ heart that we might not want to think about (or at least I don’t care to think about) and so I don’t.  Thing is, the blood pressure isn’t high enough to cause these bleeds.  So Ol’ Monte Hall says the winner is behind door #1 or door #2.  It is either Nasal cancer or end-stage Fungal Infection since I’m only bleeding out of one side of my nose.  We can run big icky tests to prove which one, but my body can’t really withstand the treatment for either since I have so much other cancer in it right now is the short and sweet and I would have a really lousy quality of life.  Not very Buddy-worthy at all.  Dogtor says if I keep bleeding (and I am) I will soon become anemic ( a WHAT?) and drift… I actually love to drift

Or, I might have a big bleed.  I do lots of stuff in a big way so maybe that will be it?  Anyway, Mom started talking with me a lot and watching me.  She noticed a few things because you know, we dogs know when things are winding down.  We don’t really get scared because it’s all natural and all part of the circle of life.  I now can feel my body changing and preparing to transition.  It feels, well, different.  I’m not sure why, so I like to be by my Mom all the time just to be sure everything is ok.  I still look to her for support a lot.  At night when I sleep, I like to sleep on the cool tile, but I now want to feel a little more secure so I have been climbing into the shower to feel like I’m in a little secure place.  I remember my fur-Mom climbing into the bathtub every night towards the end, now I know why.  I sleep most of the day, I’m pretty tired, but I do enjoy going out for a roll on the grass and a head massage.  I still love my food and I love my swim every day.  Mom and I have agreed that I’ll let her know that I don’t wanna play any more when I stop wanting those things.  She and Dad are real calm and hold my head and wipe my nose when it bleeds and talk real quiet so I don’t get skeered.  Then we have treats and go back to life.

So NOW is a good time to review the big lesson.  All we have is love.  We live in the NOW because yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet and we can’t possibly know what it will bring, it is the NOT NOW.  And the love we have NOW?  It binds us FOREVER!  So join me for a float in the pool, a barkarita or two and enjoy the ride.  The water is perfect from where I float ::


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5 Responses to There’ll Be Time Enough For Countin’….

  1. Melinda White says:

    I’ve grown to love you so much Buddy. You make me want to live life everyday. I say special prayers for you and your people ever since we met on Facebook.

  2. Paula Hall says:

    Buddy, I just couldn’t ‘like’ your post, but I am so glad you made it. I do so wish I could join you in a float around the pool..or just to watch you float would be enough for me. Know that I am walking in Mom & Dad’s shadows as they make this journey with you. I wish I wasn’t so far away..I hope they feel me there. I know they feel honored to be your humans & I am so glad they have chosen to call me ‘friend’. I do love you so, big man.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Buddy – you and your family have taught me soooooooo much! My eyes are leaking enough water right now that I “think” I may be filling a pool of my own! I want to give you all a “group hug” and “kiss”………so much love!!!
    All I have to do is look at your pictures and I smile soooooooo BIG! Your Mama is such a good Mama and soooooo smart too! I am soooooo Blessed to be able to “know” you all…………..
    We send warm thoughts and breezes from South Florida to you all and ANYTHING else that you want Buddy!
    Woof! Woof! xoxoxoxo

  4. Valerie Cintron says:

    Buddy, you and your mom are amazing. It is because you both that I got Star’s anal tumor removed and she has had a better quality of life since. Yes she has the big spleen tumor, but she is like you just being a dog, and clinging to me more and more everyday. Because of her bad hips she could no longer jump on my bed and she wanted to be close to me, so she would just cry at night. I would sleep in her little dog bed with her but that hurt my already bad back, so last Sunday I put my mattress on the floor and now our beds are the same height and she is so happy and no more crying. She is going for walks and enjoys her meals tremendously. You and your mom are a source of strength for Star and I and know that you are in our prayers every night. Thank you for sharing your lives and wisdom with us. Continue just being a dog Buddy and enjoy your ice cream and your pool.
    Love Valerie and Star

  5. ❤ you, Buddy! Enjoy the day! You're in my thoughts and in my heart. xx Carol and Cody dog

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