The Circle

ImageFlyin’ in from the bridge, Wooohooooo!  Wheeeeee, this is a blast.  Flyin’?  I LOVE flyin’!!!  OK, it took me a little while to get the hang of it, I wasn’t exactly graceful on earth and I’m a big guy so I had a few bumpy starts up here, but now?  Now I am totally Being the DOG with these things and they ROCK!  You know I used to have a special Golden Dispensation when I was earthbound that let me go on into surgerizing with friends and hold their paw and sure enough I have a few special perks up here too.  I’m gonna get to stop by now and then with important news on the cancer awareness front and to check in on ya until my replacement arrives to carry on the legacy.  I see we have a lot of new furiends in the pack, and it would just be rude to not say anything and ignore everypawdy…

First of all, may I just say how cool I think it is that you are all taking care of each other so much?  You know dogs only understand two times: NOW and NOT NOW.  This makes the transition process a lot easier fur us because we get really sad at losing a beloved companion, but then the sickness and worry and end all gets moved into the NOT NOW and those of us left behind begin living on and “Being the Dog” as usual.  The dog who left is no longer ill, no longer worries and is no longer in that dogtor’s office.  Why would we keep going back to that day?  Crazy huh?  Like in my case…  It was my greatest hope  that I might help at least one other dog and maybe their human deal with their cancer with knowledge (knowledge is power… power of the PAW!) which reduces fear.  I also hoped I could help at least one learn how to LIVE with cancer, not just wait to die.  It would be a real drag if all we did now is think about that last day.

And why do humans tend to re-live the few bad moments over and over and keep wondering how they could have done it differently???  That’s silly.  Take a cruise back through this blog, go ahead, I’ll wait **taps paw.**  Would you just look at all of those wild crazy FUN times??  I had a hoo-ha, and so did my friends and family!

So I have been barkin’ with Mom and Dad, and here’s what we’re gonna do.  Hope it doesn’t weird you out, but they’re gonna give me a voice here and on my Facebook page until my sucessor comes along to carry on fur me.  We’re gonna keep helping folks “Be the Dog.”  Ok, maybe you won’t be seeing such crazy pool pawties, but I’ll at least be in touch and maybe give you pupdates from the bridge!  There’s important stuff going on and we don’t want it to go unnoticed.  Oh and you talk among yourselves and continue to gather here so I can see ya, and together we’ll move forward.  You see life isn’t as well defined as we like to think, that’s why they call it “the circle of life…”  It is continuous, just changes forms.  While I was on earth, my best friend Caju and I would always sing the song that we didn’t want to close our eyes, because we didn’t want to fall asleep and miss a thing.  The form has changed a little, now we can close our eyes and see each other and still not miss a thing.  Sometimes you just need to close your eyes to really see what is still right there with you.  Once you have been touched at that deep of a level, it cannot be erased by a simple change of form.  Like E.T. said, “I’ll be right here…”


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9 Responses to The Circle

  1. Paula Hall says:

    “I’ll be right here…” Lovely to think of it my furiend. I will too..

  2. I miss you, Buddy! I hope you’re getting ice cream every day! I’ll be here, too….and Cody dog. You’re always our bestest furiend. Woof!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Sooooo beautiful Buddy. Are you seeing a rise in the level of at least the Atlantic Ocean from “up there”??? I have cried that many tears these last few days Buddy…..many loses!
    But you have ALWAYS just said it so beautifully & perfectifully (why does nothing look spelled correct when you are crying???) I apologize!
    I look forward to hearing from you…..

  4. Rhonda says:

    Deleted confirm for e-mails. I am a mess.
    Woof woof…
    Mmmm maybe some bacon or ice cream….

  5. Beautiful, Buddy, as always… ❤ And even if/when Mom and Dad share their hearts with another lucky furbaby, YOU will NEVER be replaced….just isn't possible! So glad you will be visiting here and on your page, and you KNOW none of us think that is weird! 🙂 (Maybe you and Mom will decide to keep your page and let the new kid take it over like Jada's?….we shall wait and see)As for us, we will do what we know how to do so easily… that is to just keep on loving you! ❤

  6. katie waterman says:

    Will be here with you my friend YAY BUDDY

  7. trevor, mary ellen says:

    me and trevor are “ONE” of those that you helped to deal and cope with cancer. you helped take some of the fear out of things. you helped me be able to help trevor be happy too. thank you so much for the prayers n cares. we both miss you here. we will both be here with you dear furiend! looking for some more YAY days. we both hope you are getting to have lots of ice cream and PUPCAKES! you are always in my heart. love you so much! dog bless!

  8. This is the Best! So many need the information and sharing you have to offer! Love to You, Your Mom & Your Dad ❤ Bosco's Mom

  9. Terence says:

    Very beautiful and lovely dog.

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