Dear doG

Hey everypawdy, Maxx here!  Fur any of you who haven’t met me I’m the new ambassador appointed by both Buddy and Bob to carry on the legacy.  I have big paws to fill, but I’m up to it… I’m sure if it!

Ya know I’ve noticed this is kind of an awkward stage that humans have a hard time putting into words, which is weird since humans rarely stop talking BOL.  You see, once a human has experienced doG, they need doG in their life.  There is an enormous empty spot when our beloved fur leaves us behind to begin the eternal part of their journey.  While we are joyous that there will never be anything but joy in their life, we are empty without doG.  There are some things that only doG can fulfill.  For every human, the timing is different for when it is right to accept doG back into their life.  The fact remains, that a life without doG is missing something, and you will keep searching and keep looking back and missing what is no longer there.  Finally you realize what is missing… it is doG!  You open your heart and your home and one day doG finds his or her way back into your life.  There is joy and wonder again, but it is different.  Sometimes there is sadness because doG is not exactly the same.  Sometimes you feel the need to explain that this doG does not come before all other doGs.  Sometimes you think you must assure this doG that you will love it as much as all other doGs.  As usual, you are over-thinking it and you need to relax and just (wait for it) BE the doG!






Last weekend I went to my first barkday pawty.  It was PAWmazing!  I had the most excellent time running and playing with all of the big dawgs.  My Mom and Dad realized, though, that life is now different for me too.  I am adjusting too.  I am learning to live with a people pack instead of a dog pack, and while I like my people pack a lot, I had unbridled joy running with a dog pack.

So we all move forward together, and we fall in love together.  It is not instant and that is OK!  The more I learn, the more I know that I was sent by 2 very special dudes.  Bob was the first guy in the family.  He was light like me and he was feisty and a little strong willed.  Buddy was a complete Zen master.  Mom and Dad are convinced that they were drawn to me because I look just like Bob (one of his younger pics below) and have the Zen personality of Buddy.  The force is strong with me… doG is back.  Come grow with us!                                      

Puppy Bob

Puppy Maxx


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6 Responses to Dear doG

  1. Celeste Minar Thibault says:

    A friend of mine lost his most beloved of rottie boys, Duke…months later he took in a new one from rescue…it took some months but one day he said to his new boy… “Big Buddy you’ll never have the part of my heart that belonged to Duke but you have one just as big.” sorta summed it up…..

  2. Valerie Cintron says:

    Love ya Sweet Max.

  3. Dear Maxx, I am happy Bob and Buddy decided you were THE ONE to live with their family. I know exactly what you’re speaking of…….it takes some people a little longer than others, but we all need doG in our life. It’s pretty lonely, otherwise. You are one handsome lil’ fella, and I can see the smile in your eyes. It’s a learning experience, but you’ll figure things out really quickly. I’m very sure it won’t take but just a little while and your mom and dad will be totally in love with you. Take care, little one, and BE THE DOG. xxx ❤

  4. trevor, mary ellen says:

    PAWFECT!! nuff said!!

  5. Rhonda says:

    Sniff sniff soooo well put as always!!!
    Maxx looks so much like his big brother. OMD! And I am sure the “Buddy Zen” is there as well. What a great tail wagging tale/tail!
    Woof Woof! ❤❤❤

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