Hi everypawdy!  Maxx here, back to visit with you and bring you news from the bone front and WHAT?  oh, my bad… I’m still mixing up a few of my words here and there, HOME front, and letting you know things we find impotent so we NOW WHAT? Ooooops, well now that would be a big difference… IMPORTANT to share…

After Mom removed her phone from my mouth today (or the MAW as she calls it) she decided to organize her Apps and thought there are a lot of good pet apps she has with her at all times on the road to keep her clients and ME the MAW safe, so maybe she should share some of this all in one place with you FURiends!  Now ya already know that she thinks it’s a good idea to be secure when ya ride in the bar at WHAT?  oh, yah, we can’t go in bars… ride in the CAR at all times like this:

And if you’re gonna be an adventure dog like me… ya wanna be safe when you hit the rivers and oceans too:

Well when you go on an Epic journey like I just did camping throughout the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere else away from your home turd WHAT?  oh, yah, home TURF… you might find some of these apps useful.  Mom won’t leave home without ’em and they even come in handy at home too!

The PetTech PetSaver App is the best first aid app out there for your pet.  You can look up what’s going on with your pet by symptom or disease.  It will talk you through CPR.  Every pet pawrent should have this on their phone!

That one has a lot of instruction and information, but for quick look-ups she also likes to have the PetVet app on her phone too:

If you want to zero right in on poisons or just get info on what things are poisonous here’s a great app:

I know I got pretty interested in a toad on my road trip through Montana and this had plenty of info on what could happen if Mom hadn’t stepped between us.  Thanks Mom (I guess), and there’s also a direct link to a hotline for help.

So OK, you’re not home and you look up what’s going on with your pet and you decide you have to go to the dogtor NOW!  Yikes… Where is it??  Panic!  Well, there’s an app fur that called, wait for it, PRESS PANIC:

All you do is hit the button and it uses the GPS in your phone to tell you where the nearest Vets are and then tells you how to get there!  How cool is that?  Mom has tested it all ofur and it works great!!

So let’s leave the emergencies shall we and think about fun a bit eh??  The app that has a bit of everything from dog parks to beaches and campgrounds, outdoor dining and even international information is

If ya wanna “cut to the chase” BOLBOLBOL and just find dog parks (including beaches) this is a good one:

So there ya go.  Now you have had a pee inside WHAT NOW? Oh, well now that would make a big difference… a PEEK inside my Mom’s phone which is ALL I was trying to do when I munched it a little bit.  Yikes, a guy has to use his teeth ya know.  Be sure to share your faves with us so we know what’s good too, it’s how we all learn… and I’m learning a LOT these days.  Thanks fur hangin’ with me, I’ll see ya at the beach!

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2 Responses to APPaws!

  1. trevor, mary ellen says:

    very impotent information !! so good to have you back! will get to checking on these apps. terrific work!

  2. Hi Maxx! I’m so glad to hear from you. What a beautiful boy you are. I especially liked the picture of you in the kayak with your mom.

    Our Cody doggie got to go to Michigan with us on a camping vacation. He went swimming in Lake Michigan, and he only has three legs! He says BOL, camping is where it’s at. He’s an old man, now, though, so he likes to sniff a lot and take lots of naps.

    Tell your mom thanks from us! It’s always very useful to find good sites for our canine companions. Take care, Maxx, and enjoy your summer. Love you!

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