What’s That????

Hi Everypawdy… Maxx here.  Wow, what a day yesterday was!  It started out pretty normal and all, but then we got in the car for a long car ride.  I thought maybe we were going back to the botch and WHAT?  Oh, my bad… back to the BEACH, yeah, that does make more sense, thanks Mom.  So anyway, it was like that long of a drive and when we got there we went into this place that was like Puppy Play Central!!!  Actually, it was Bark n* Bitches, a little slice of dog Heaven in the heart of Los Angeles.  This amazing shop does dog rescues and I don’t just mean the warm fuzzy kind that makes someone feel better, I mean the real deal.  You go ahead and click on their name above and read about Jimi’s Angels and how the name came about… I’ll wait…

So turns out Mom had seen this guy, Stryker, at their place and fell in love.  Mom loves BIG dogs and he promises to be all that.  He is about 8 months old and weighs 70-80 lbs already.  YIKES!  He is 1/2 Golden and 1/2 Great Pyrenees and 100% pure LOVE!  He could care less about the dumb cat, but he loves to play with me which is what it’s all about right??  Stryker’s family seemed surprised when he turned into a DOG, so they chained him up in the back yard and left him there.  Then they were annoyed when he barked all the time.  Well heloooooooooo!  So they turned him in to a shelter in the middle of the city where adopting out big dogs is really hard so he was going down.  In swooped Jimi’s Angels to save the day.  Now we were gonna take him on the adventure of his life.  Oh YEAH baby!

Mom and Dad wanted to rename him Skook, because the name had special meaning to them, but waited to see if he was attached to his name.  The sad thing is he didn’t even seem to really know his name at 8 months old.  That’s how little human interaction he had gotten.  So now, we pronounced him SKOOK!  Why Skook?  Well… Skook was a dear friend of my bridge bro Bob.  He was a Newfie and was a neighbor in Montana and was a gentle giant of a puppy.  He was a lap dog.  He would slide down hills of snow on his belly and wuffle all the way.  He was just a ball of love.  Skook never made it to his first birthday.  He died when his house burned, of smoke inhalation, and never made it out.  He is a big reason my Mom is such an advocate of Pet Oxygen Masks on her flights and for fire departments that respond to house fires.  Mom and Dad looked at this gentle giant of a puppy who crawled into Mom’s lap in the car on the way home and knew, Skook had come to live with them again!   The name Skook is short for the Skookumchuck River in western Washington state where the original Skook’s Dad loved to fish.  He is part of a long heritage of the earth and will enjoy everything it has to offer if we have anything to do with it!!

So what was Skook’s arrival at our house like?  Weird dudes, weird.  We pulled off the highway into our ‘burb and his head started just swiveling!  I don’t think he had been off a city street.  He saw cars all spread out and motorcycles and stuck his head out the window and just kept going “What’s That?”  He was amazed at EFURRYTHING!  We got to our house and he got out of the car without a leash and went WTW? (what-the-woof? for those of you uninitiated in dog-speak) and slowly walked around the GRASS in the front yard.  The neighbors called him ofur to meet him and he said WHAT?  ME??  And so we played and wrestled on a lawn while they all talked and he seemed amazed that nopawdy cared!

Then we went in the house and his head just swiveled up and down lie “What’s THIS?”  It was way too much for him.  We walked around fur a while and he saw where efurrything was.  He stuck his nose into efurrything and said “What’s this?” which was BOL funny to me.  He found the punch bowl right off in the master bath, Good Dog!  He looked in the tub and said “What’s this?”  I jumped up on the bed and of course… “What’s this?” but he came up too so we wrestled up there and he left a lot of slobber on Mom’s pillow.  He is a Champion Slobberer!  Then we went out back and I ran up on the outdoor furniture and he said REALLY?  But then he did and LOVED it!  Then he saw the pool.  You guessed it… “What’s this?”  At first he thought it was the world’s biggest water bowl and leaned down to drink, but nah, it doesn’t taste good.  I snickered.  Then he walked right over and stepped in like he knew what he was doing.  He walked right off the big step and THAT is when we all realized he didn’t really know how to swim.  DUDE has NO fear!  He paddled back and got out and went right back in.  Mom is gonna teach him to swim today cuz he LOVES that pool!  Who knew?  Then he went inside and made a few selections from the toy box… then he made a few more.  Dude LOVES squeekers!

Dad made dinner and he stood up at the counter and said “What’s THIS?”  He’s a perfect size for counter surfing.  I cannot wait until I’m that big!  Then we had another walk and he sniffed every INCH of this neighborhood.  It is like he has never seen or smelled a flower before ya know???  Well, maybe he hasn’t?  So after the sniff-fest, we came back to go to bed.  After about a half hour we realized he had no idea where he wanted to sleep because he had never been invited into the bedroom to sleep before.  Mom decided a little structure might make him feel better so set up the huge pen in the bathroom so he could see us.  He still cried, so Mom took her blankie and pillas and slept on the floor next to his pen and told him he was home until he fell asleep.  He slept all night like I did.  This just might work out after all ya know??

I’ll keep ya posted, but any of you lookin’ fur a new doggie… there is nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a new soul seeing it for the first time.  Nothing.  Give the gift that only we can give ok?  And me?  I’ll keep biting him on the ear and train him my way BOL!!


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12 Responses to What’s That????

  1. Oh sweet Maxx, you have a new big brother! How wonderful! I know the two of you will have excellent dog adventures. He’ll need some help from you in how to be a proper puppy. I almost wanted to cry when I heard your mom slept on the floor with Skook. She’s a great mama, you know. Be good for her! I think you’ll be happy to have a big brother to hang with. Humans are great, I know, but sometimes you just wanna have a like-minded soul to BOL with. Love to both of you. xxx

  2. Rhonda says:

    BOL = Bawling my eyes out reading that! That is the most touching story! Maxx congrats! I could feel the excitement! You were channeling Buddy dude!
    What a life ahead for all… As they joke on the (I know nasty kitty web site) pass the Sham Wows I am leaking a lot!
    Beautiful family. ❤❤❤

  3. kathryn Powell LaCoss says:

    Loved the story, I was good till the part where mom said you are home now. Yea, tears, but good tears. Welcome to you Skook, welcome. = )

  4. katie waterman says:

    Maxx, looks like Skook will fit in just fine with your family. It sure does help when a critter realizes there is love around.

  5. Sherri Harlan says:

    Awesome story. Maxx’s mom – Thank you for taking this big guy into your heart and home.

  6. Caju's mom says:

    Oh, crying, definitely crying. Skook, you lucky dog. You too, Maxx. Love yas!

  7. Clowie says:

    Pyrenees are very confident – my bipeds sometimes say I’m too confident!

  8. Janice Pemberton says:

    Bless you, Maxx, and your Mom too.

  9. trevor, mary ellen says:

    well max, it looks like YOU have settled right into being the dog too! just as soon as you get all those words down you can teach your brother all sorts of stuff too. but bol the punch bowl?? bol saying thanks to your mom for taking y’all in. you both are in for the ride of your lives!! God n doG bless!

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