What’s In a Name?

My name is Meeko.  Confusing?  You bet it is!  You met me when I came to this house and my new bro, Maxx, introduced me as Skook.  That name had a very rich heritage and was not picked without much thought.  My new pawrents were so sad when they realized I didn’t even really respond to the name I had at the rescue, Stryker, and they figured I had not even been spoken to much for my 8 months on earth.  Later when my Mom was going through my medical papers she noticed all of them had a name on them… Meeko.  She came in the room and quietly tried it out, Meeko?  My tail thumped.  She tried it again… Meeko??? Yes, my tail wagged heartily!  Someone knew my name!  The one thing I could have carried with me through this whole ordeal that was mine had been returned.  Yay Meeko!

I do have a bit of a problem though, I hate my cat bro.  It really isn’t my fault, he hated me first.  HONEST!  He took a big swipe at me and I bit at him.  Now he always hisses and swipes and I always bark and pummel and the anger has escalated.  Mom and Dad feel bad because the cat has been here for 14 years and has recently lost his brother/littermate and his dog bro Buddy.  They also were told that I was part Golden and it seems I really am not which means I will never get to live off leash and run at the dog beach with the others and that would limit Maxx.  Let’s don’t sugarcoat this… I HATE that cat!

So today, Dad and I are taking a big car ride to a place that Mom and Dad have carefully chosen for me.  There have been a lot of tears, a lot of phone calls, but not once have I not felt love.  We want to share a few things with you as we make this journey, so maybe others won’t have to.

Getting a new pet family member is joyous and exciting.  Mom and Dad put a lot of thought and work into finding just the right bro for Maxx.  They got a bit caught up in the moment though.  They saw me and I was beautiful and handsome, well of course.  I looked like a Great Pyrenees, which Mom LOVES but knows isn’t quite the right breed for where she lives.  But wait!  They were told I was 1/2 Golden and my personality was that of a Golden.  Well how perfect could that be?  They were told I used to bark a lot outside, but that was because I was chained up and then I never barked in Rescue.  I had a neat cat encounter and did great, but not with a cat who took a swipe at me.  Nobody who walked me had noticed my prey instinct which is very evident by the way I chase and pounce on everything from lizards to squirrels.

Mom now knows she should have had me encounter a cat in the same way I would in this house, the 14 year old cat here always wants to show the new dogs who is the boss and it isn’t the new dogs.  She realizes that I never barked at the Rescue because I wasn’t outside on my own.  Here I have a great dog door where I can go out on my own.  The thing about Pyrs is that we like to protect our property, it’s our job!  When I hear something beyond my fence, I have to bark to let my people know!!  That is not really fair when you live really close to your neighbors like we do.

My name is Meeko and I am a Pyr.  Mom and Dad have realized that as much as they love me, it is not fair to me to try to make me into a Golden Retriever or keep me in 1/2 of the house away from the cat or tell me to be quiet when I do my job.  I am a proud, noble breed and I deserve to live where I can be all I can. Mom and Dad have been criticized mightily for thinking of pets as “disposable” for letting me go.  No dog is disposable.  You adopt a dog for life.  It is a lifelong commitment!  Because Mom and Dad committed to give me the BEST life ever, they have decided to put their egos aside that tell them they are the only people on earth who can give me a good life.  Dad is driving me 9 hours today to a beautiful place and a wonderful person who wants a GREAT Pyrenees.  My name is Meeko and I will be noble and proud.  Please make sure when you adopt to follow YOUR heart and not somebody else’s desires.  Truly, adopting a pet IS a lifelong commitment…


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8 Responses to What’s In a Name?

  1. Paula Hall says:

    doG bless you, Meeko & your Mom & Dad, as they allow you to follow your heart & dream of ‘being the dog’..the one you were born to be.

  2. Jazperr says:

    Your pawrents are doing the best thing for you. They had to make the decision to let you be who you are, because trying to make a dog into something he is not does not make anyone happy.
    My husband and I had a similar issue- fostering a dog and we found out he hated cats. And we have SEVEN of them. So we made the hard decision to find him a home that suited his needs. After all, the needs of the dogs trump the needs of the people- at least in our house. We are lucky that the dog is now in a great home with no cats, and we still get to visit him because the dog lives with one of our best friends!
    Although this is a hard choice, know that you are doing the best thing no matter what people say. You truly have the best interests of the dog at heart, and that is a true rescuer. Dog bless you all.

  3. Sorry things didn’t work out, Meeko, but I think you were meant to find what will be your new forever home. Your mom & dad want the best for you, really!, and they want you to be happy just being YOU. I know Maxx will miss you, and probably even that ol’ cat even though he would never admit that. Fly your wings, little angel, and love to you. You’re a great little man. Everyone of us knows that. xxx

  4. patti says:

    oh how much your current family loves you!
    enough to let you go to somewhere even better for you…
    do a good job Meeko,
    we know you will!!!
    love from the Walsh pack

  5. trevor, mary ellen says:

    dear dear meeko,
    God and doG bless you in your new home. i send love and prayers with you…covered in loving tears. i ma THRILLED they will know your beautiful name! heart is with all of you! also hoping we might be special enough to hear from you and how happy your are.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Sniff sniff! Beautiful just beautiful Meeko! Just wish I wouldn’t have read this at work as Iam leaking! BOL! Happy and sad tears! This must be sooooo hard for everyone involved! But your 2-legged Daddy is driving you 9 hours sooooo that must be alot of love for sure.
    Like someone else mentioned, hope we can get updates about you so we know you are
    A-OK in your new home! And to find out your name what a gift your Moma gave to you as a “going away present”…….I need more tissues please!
    God Bless everyone! Maxx too! xoxo

  7. Clowie says:

    I hope Meeko will be happy in his new home.

  8. Tod Towne says:

    Hello Carol,
    I just read your informative article “Fur Flies”.
    One consideration I would add: an allergic reaction to pets needs to be considered.
    Dog dander will make me itch. Cat dander will make my eyes and windpipe swell shut.
    For airplane operators, this needs to be placed on the trip acceptance checklist, i.e.:
    >  inquire if a pet is to be included on the trip;
        if yes:
       > type and size of animal;
       > any destination pet regulations/restrictions;
       > required pet restraints or other safety products;
       > required pet waste requirements;
       > pet food requirements;
       > any crew or passenger allergies or aversions to this type of pet.
    It is probably just a natural reaction to my allergic reaction, but the pendulum has
    swung from ‘no consideration for traveling animals’ to now-a-days, where every animal
    is considered a ‘service’ animal. But I digress.
    Obviously, the time to make inquires and alternative arrangements is before the pet
    arrives at the airplane.
    Kind regards,
    G550 Captain

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