Doggone Thankful!

Hey everypawdy… Maxx here on my very FURst Thanksgiving Hollyday.  Mom woke up this morning and looked at me (since my nose was in her face, which is a lot nicer that a few other things that she often wakes to BOL) and said “Happy Thanksgiving, Maxxy!”  Well what’s that?  What made this day Thanksgiving??

I had noticed some increased activity around the house the last few days, lots of cooking for sure.  Well, I’m always thankful for cooking, but I’m even MORE thankful for eating ya know Mom…  When are we eating all that stuff?

She said “speaking of stuff, we’re having stuffing today.”  Well gee, Mom, I have stuffing almost EVERY day BOL!  So why does THAT make today special??

Well, she told me, “A lot of your FURiends are coming over to play with you and tear up the house…”  Great!  Now you’re speakin’ to me Mom!!!  But that happens other days too, so why is this Thanksgiving?

I could tell I had “stumped the band” so to speak.  She was thoughtful.  Then she simply explained to me that this is a day when we Paws to give thanks fur all of the fabulous blessings in our life.  That we have food, and shelter and friends and love in our life.  That even if we don’t have our own family around us, we are grateful for friends; the family we choose.  We also give thanks for all of those who make this pawsible for us and all of those less fortunate, that we may find a way to at least share our love with them even when we don’t have money to spare.

I gave that some thought, then I looked at her and in my own way, let her know that she had just described EVERY day of a dog’s life.  Dogs (and to some extent, Cats BOL) are grateful by their very nature.  We have no money or material goods, so we always give our love to show just how grateful we are.  Then I licked her.  A big ol’ slobbery one.  I think she was thankful for that… I think that’s what those tears were…  Happy Thanksgiving to all, from this grateful heart!!


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One Response to Doggone Thankful!

  1. Rhonda says:

    So well put! So blessed to have you all as furry friends!

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