Pets Rescue the Holiday

DSC_4138Hey everypawdy it’s me, MAXX!  This has been an amazing 7 months fur me.  BowWOWza, but a lot is going on here in this place.  My furst 2 months were mostly just running around with my litter and then that family decided not to be my family any more.  I didn’t know what was going on, but my litter started to disappear.  I was the only one left and then I came to this place.  That’s when the REAL adventure began.  Well, the last week or so have not disappointed as this whole new experience they call Christmas is upon us.  Mom tells me in some houses they are celebrating Hanukkah and others will celebrate Kwanzaa, but most efurryone is celebrating.  Me?  Well, I’m mostly Golden Retriever which is known by the AKC as the “party group” and I’m always in fur a pawty.  That’s why I was SO excited to go meet Sandy Paws in Sandy Aygo last week and even sit on his lap!!!


That was so cool, I was beside myself.  It was at a Golden Retriever Rescue Event for the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue group that my Dad volunteers for (pssst: he was Santa!!) and we put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces.  After a while though, I noticed a few tears.  I didn’t quite get that, so I tried to lick them away real quick and give those folks a snuggle.  Efurry time I would snuggle in real close, someone would stroke my soft fur and tell me how they had just lost a sweet loved one and how much they missed their baby.  How they remembered when their beloved was a young pup like me and the end seemed impossible.  My Mom would gently remind them that we had just lost our wonderful Buddy and that I was now bringing new joy to them.


I spent quite a while there and we were in a small shopping center.  There were LOTS of people.  I LOVE people and watched them all.  They were rushing all over, in and out of stores and all about but when they came by us they would slow down and pet us dogs and talk.  Seems they all had a story.  Their faces softened and they told about times with family or ones they missed.  They were happy to hear we were trying to find some dogs without homes some new homes which is the greatest gift this season… But they seemed drawn so to me.  There were tears and memories and smiles and the best part, HOPE.


As I snuggled in the car on the way home and dreamed a few dreams, some thoughts came together fur me.  The wonderful Christmas story my Mom had told me was about a baby coming and starting life in a manger surrounded by animals.  It seems young ones and animals can break through so many barriers that people put up and get right through to what is important.  That one story has been told a million times and people marvel at the simplicity and purity of a baby and animals.  I realized at this ripe old age of 7 months that I have such a purpose already.  Not just to be a wild pupper and source of great entertainment…


…But to help lead people forward rather than leaving them stuck in one place looking back.  To give hope, to shine a light.  Sometimes you just need to slow down and smell the fur ya know?  That’s what’s missing this time of year for so many.  So take a moment and roll on the floor with your favorite fur ball.  If you don’t have one, stop by a shelter and pass out some love.  It’s time we put the doG back in these holidays!  Merry, Happy and Peace to all, and to all a Fur night ::

Family Christmas


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2 Responses to Pets Rescue the Holiday

  1. Maxx, you are growing into such a wise and handsome pup! I know your brother Buddy is smiling at you right now; he’s happy you and your mom and dad have all found each other. You bring so much joy into others’ lives, just by being YOU. I hope Santa Paws brings you a very nice surprise. ❤ you, darling. xxxx

  2. Rhonda says:

    Man Max “you” write so well Dude! And I was leaking all the way through the beautiful story, but that LAST family portrait really got me…..
    What a beautiful family you have!
    ❤❤❤ Merry Christmas!!!
    Happy New Year too!!!

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