Getting Off on the Right Paw

photo-56Hey everypawdy… Maxx here!  Welcome to the New Year and all that enTAILS.  Time to roll out from under the covers and get this thing started.  I was sniffing around today and noticed that I now have almost 2900 FURiends on Facebook!  BowWOWza!!  That means I have a lot of new friends and that’s pretty cool.  Now I know a lot of you have come ofur because I’m just plain good lookin’ and I get that.  Others just can’t resist a pupper, and I get that too.  Some of you like to catch up on the funny stories my Mom and Dad tell about me and my adventures growing up, although I must remind you that none of my misbehavings or misfortunes should efur be mistaken fur entertainment.  A lot of you enjoy reading about my Mom’s occasional misadventures that I post (like brushing her teeth with MY toothpaste BOL) and now that IS funny!!  I know many of you are referred over here because you have a furry one with cancer or have had to deal with it in the past.  You might get here and see us just goofin’ off and carryin’ on and think WTW?  Well that’s all part of Buddy’s message… when you have the big C, you don’t just sit around talking about it every day, you LIVE.  And by the way… Who is Buddy and where is he???






That big guy right above me there is my hero.  That’s Buddy.  Buddy left us last May after a 2 year battle with cancer.  Started out as Melanoma, then Mast Cell showed up.  Later on Nasal and Liver joined in and ended his walk here on earth.  Buddy was the most joyous dog my Mom and Dad had ever known, and he made pretty darn sure that everyone around him knew he was happy.  He was the second dog they had that got cancer, so they decided to help others understand the disease and learn how to fight it and deal with it and most of all, LIVE with it.  They started Buddy’s page as a place to give support and got more support back than they could ever have imagined.  Now I’m his Ambassador, Maxx!  I get to carry on his mission to build awareness about the disease and who’s fighting it and how to live with it and how to BE THE DOG.  That’s lucky, cuz that’s exactly what I know how to do!!




So now let me pass along to you some of Buddy’s main Zen-Dog type mantras, because they are a good way to start of the year on the right paw.  You can scroll back through the blog posts and find where he wrote about these things much more better than me.  See?  My editor just told me that was a bad sentence, but I’m just a pupper and I’m trying my best, so work with me here ok??  Ok, here we go:


1.  A dog only knows two times in life:  NOW and NOT NOW.  It’s that simple, don’t overthink this.  Don’t tell me you’re going to take me to the dog park in an hour because that’s NOT NOW.  Means nothing to me.  NOW I’m bored.  I will chew your shoe.  The good news is when your dog has to go to the Dogtor and have something icky done and it hurts and it’s bad, that is sad.  When you take him fur ice cream or a pupcake on the way home, it’s all good because the ice cream or pupcake is NOW and the Dogtor is NOT NOW.  That simple, really.


2.  It only hurts for a minute.  This is related to the first one.  If something hurts on a dog, it hurts.  The dog does not go into some drama lamenting if it will hurt forever or weeks or even tomorrow.  There is no concern for “how long must I endure this???”  It hurts.  Sometimes it hurts for a whole string of minutes and that’s a drag, but each minute is just a minute and probably the last minute it will hurt.


3.  Forever.  The third time that a dog does understand is: FOREVER.  A pet will love you forever, period.  Here, beyond and back.  Once bound, that’s it, you got it.




4.  Dogs are Grateful beings.  What you have is what you need.  We are thankful for whatever we get.  A kind look, a pet or the smallest of treats.  We don’t sit around thinking up things we need or want.  We are so grateful for everything every day and so every day is a happy day somehow.


5.  YAY.  Celebrate every day.  Mom and Dad started a great game with Buddy and carry it on with me and he wants efurryone to experience it.  They would play with him on his walk and for at least 1/2 hour straight efurrything he did resulted in “YAY BUDDY!”  I mean if he picked up a tennis ball: YAY BUDDY.  If he dropped a tennis ball: YAY BUDDY.  If he ran: YAY BUDDY.  If he sat down: YAY BUDDY.  Take some time every day to celebrate those you love completely.  So when you see on his wall: YAY BUDDY, now you know why!


So now you know a little more about Buddy and what we’re all about.  Welcome to our pack, make yourself to home and join in the fun.  I think this is gonna be a LARGE year!!


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5 Responses to Getting Off on the Right Paw

  1. Renee Fuller says:

    I just LOVE this family. Buddy was our first fb pupfriend, and I was crushed when he passed away….guess I forgot so me of his mantras…buddy was a smart cookie

  2. jill says:

    hi Maxx loved Buddy never met him in person but loved his talks and adventures now I love u and your growing up adventures

  3. Maxx, you are a wonderful little man, and I’m very glad you are in your mom and dad’s lives. I’m sure you make them so very happy. Buddy would be very proud of you. You are wise beyond your years. Live well, little one, and be happy. ❤

  4. Carol I just love your posts! As a huge lover of my own dog and all animals, i find your articles always bring a smile to my face 🙂
    that poem on this page is amazing as well..
    Kathryn martone

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