Flying Your Dream

cropped-dsc_3111-001.jpgMaxx and Buddy are letting me have the floor today… I feel honored.

I thought I should share here at Sit ‘n Stay how this whole thing came about, since I recently shared this article over at which was more than an honor.  Seemed kind of silly I had never told the story of how we got started right here at home, so sit back, relax and enjoy the flight folks…

Truly successful people tell us that the way to be successful is to follow our passions.

I know, I started hearing it in business school and continued reading it in publications as a flight attendant for a commercial airline.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I never quite fit any precise mold, so after I graduated from college I decided to take a little time and enjoy myself as a flight attendant, much to my parents’ dismay.   At any rate, I could never make the mental leap of how I could possibly just take that step and follow my passions and be really successful.

 I flew for many years and searched a lot.  I became a CPA, founded and ran an international non-profit, volunteered when I could and flew all around the world meeting thousands of people.  All the while, my true passion was taking shape, and one day on the way to work from Kalispell, MT to Salt Lake City, I sat next to another flight attendant who told me about the world of private aviation.  I leaned in…

 Flying as a corporate flight attendant on private jets was perfect for me, and still is!  It requires a level of independence, ingenuity, integrity and management skills that I had and yearned to use.  I also loved fine culinary training and etiquette protocols and procedures.  When I took my specialized safety training for private jets, the final piece fell in place.  I learned about an accident where the humans survived but the dog on board did not.  Now, I’m a huge animal lover and advocate, and this stopped me dead in my tracks.  I had many years of safety training, but animals in the cabin was new to me and I could not handle the fact that there were no real safety provisions for them when I asked for specifics.  I leaned in a little further…

 I developed the first standardized Pet Safety Protocols for pets flying on private jets or in the cabin that cover everything from turbulence to bracing positions and evacuation.  I also got trained in pet first aid and CPR.  I knew the clients I had who traveled with their pets thought of them as family members, and they deserved the same safety considerations as their humans.  I wasn’t sure if others would care as much as I did about this, but I knew I would feel better if anything happened, knowing that I could help all of my passengers.

Ricochet Rides Safe

Next I developed a brand that told my story and how it could satisfy a client’s unmet needs based on those safety protocols.  I studied SEO and social media integration and worked to get the word out about what I was doing that was different.  The best part was that I enjoyed every minute of it because I loved what I was doing!  Here’s the key that anyone can take away from this.  Start with what you know how to do well.  Then think about what you love to do most.  Finally examine where there is an unmet need in the work force combining your skills and your passions to satisfy that unmet need.  Think in terms of how you can help others.  Lots of folks are out there with his or her hand out these days and it gets exhausting for those doing the hiring.  Plan to do plenty of giving for a while to show how you can help and why life will be easier with you around.  Don’t wait for the perfect job to find you, leaning back in your chair… Lean in and get up and create the perfect job and take it to others!  Just because you are settled in an established career doesn’t mean you can’t tweak it and follow your own dream.  You don’t have to start all over and become an astronaut, start with what you know and use it.

So when I was interviewed by HGTV, and they said I had the “dream job,” all I could do was agree.  I mean, when I was a commercial flight attendant if someone had asked me to combine my passions into one dream job I would have come up with:

 “Flight Attendant on Private Jets, specializing in traveling with Animals!”

 Then I would have laughed and said; but of course, that’s impossible…

Dolce, Gabbana, Romeo Boots and Tiger (in carriers) make the most of a ride with Auntie Carol (especially Dolce, who found Auntie FIRST)

Dolce, Gabbana, Romeo Boots and Tiger (in carriers) make the most of a ride with Auntie Carol (especially Dolce, who found Auntie FIRST)


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3 Responses to Flying Your Dream

  1. mary ellen says:

    you are an inspiration to everyone!!! am sharing with my son!! congratulations on living the dream!! and thank you always for the words of encouragement and support!! sending love and hugs!

  2. clementinegoesusa says:

    That’s amazing!!

  3. clementinegoesusa says:

    What is the cost of this little adventure? 🙂

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