Dog Camp!

DSC_7873Hey everypawdy, Maxx back at the helm here.  I’m getting ready to head out on one of the most beloved adventures a pupper can head out on.  You all know what that is, right?  It’s the dog camping trip where you bring the humans along to carry the extra food and drive!  I saw the camper arrive in the front yard this morning and I was so excited, I started carrying toys out there right away.  I’ve got my floating frisbee, my floating Kong, 25 or 30 tennis balls, and a few squeeky toys that should wake the entire campground up around 0 dark 30.  Perfect!


Mom, on the other hand, remembered our last trip where we seemed to run out of the house like it was an emergency and got where we were going without a few key items, so she had a checklist ready this time.  Pfffffft.  I think she overthinks it, but here’s what SHE thinks is a good idea when I come along, just to make sure the trip stays safe AND fun:

  • Dog Tether (long enough so I can be out with the family while they set up camp but still secure):  reads:  long rope BOL
  • Dog Tracking Collar with GPS (in case above malfunctions and you have a dog that is likely to run off)
  • Double check Microchip registration information is correct
  • Pet First Aid Kit  (instructions to make a home-made one may be found online)
  • Travel water bowl and mat (to make feeding area familiar)
  • Dog containment area (screened-in porch area can be much friendlier option when enjoying the outdoors with pets together, also keeps bugs away)
  • Dog life jacket
  • Portable dog bed (ok, I use Mom’s bed in the camper, but this is good for outside)
  • Travel dog bed for bottom of canoe (creates non-slip area where dog knows to go and is stable and comfortable)
  • Leash
  • Snacks
  • Dog food
  • Drinking Water
  • Waste bags (yes, you still pick up in the wilderness if in a camp area folks!)
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Waterproof blanket (LL Bean or Orvis):  fleece blanket with waterproof backing you can put on your bed so a wet dog does not soak your down comforter or sleeping bag.

Well, so much for the simplicity of camping right?  Actually, Mom just packed a dry-bag once with most of this stuff in it and grabs it when we go camping.  I never notice a thing, hey… I’m a DOG!  What I notice is that I go on long hikes with my peeps, swim in lakes and rivers, sail along in the canoe and bask in the sunshine and then fall asleep on the river bank all smelly and dirty.  At the end of the day I usually score some melted marshymallow and some great camp food.  Is this a dog’s life or what???  I highly recommend it, so get out there, be the dog and get your fur dirty a little folks.  Enjoy the ride along the way, you might see me with my head out the window, so be sure to wave!



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PA, Corporate Flight Attendant, Airstream Pilot (left seat.) DoG is my co-pilot. Just out here living the dream...
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3 Responses to Dog Camp!

  1. cobblestonesandheels1 says:

    Wow! That is aweome. Every dog should be able to have those experiences 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    Love this post! Have a great trip.

  3. Linda Hill says:

    love this and your mom is one smart cookie! thanks for sharing, Maxx, and hope you have the most pawesome camping trip ever! enjoy yourself, buddy, you are one lucky dog! (and so handsome too!)

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